Every cartoon character I hate and why

So I am sitting at my chair reading Friday Puppy (actually I was watching a dog being washed... I am a weir-do) when I hear the most annoying voice on the planet... This guy:

I wanna punt this kid. I hate his parents, his cat, his sister. I hate his stupid primary colored house. I hate that he is 4 and has not one piece of hair on his head. If I was this kid's parent I would flip out on him all. the.time. I also hate the annoying narrator. She sounds like she's 90.

While I'm at it you know who else I hate? her:

Ugh. Ruby. She is such a botch. She is bossy and a know it all and is always telling everyone what to do. I am not a fan of her little brother either but that is another story. I would like to know where the hell these rabbits parents are. I know it is just a cartoon, but really, how does Ruby swing that mortgage payment? (I can't be the only one who thinks these things.. Can I?) I also hate that she dresses like the amish.

A few more? No problem.

I don't hate the man in the yellow hat but I have a hard time believing he is always so shocked when his monkey breaks things, ruins other people's stuff, takes down whole buildings, is able to take trains off their path, looses his neighbors dog, breaks a xylophone. It is always George. And you know it.

I don't know if I even need to explain why I hate The Wonder Pets. As soon as I see the school house which is the very beginning of every episode I get up and run to the TV to change the channel. I also used to do this for The Price is Right (I'm not sure why... I really don't hate that show at all). I hate their voices (particularly the duck). Their song. I pretty much loathe this show. I even hate that they eat celery after every episode. Seriously, get a cookie.


  1. That makes me a weirdo too, cause I watched Matt wash his dog too, lol

  2. I don't have kids but I know Yo-Gabba Gabba through my niece & nephew.. That show drives me insane!

  3. I think I did it!

    This made me laugh.