Get on the couch... now

Schmoopy doopy doo where are you
We got some work to do now....
Schmoopy doopy doo where are you
We need some help from you now...

After a quick Google search I realized these aren't even the lyrics to Scooby Doo. But this is what I sang to Logan as he was getting into the tub. He was mildly amused.

Want to hear something else that happened today?

I have to go to court tomorrow for a stupid inspection ticket. Of course I only remembered today at 3PM that I had wanted to call and reschedule because Blake's first day of school is tomorrow, I want to paint the play house tomorrow and tomorrow is the day of my birth. The last thing I want to do is go to court. Boo. Anyway, I called around 3:15PM and as I was dialing I saw Blake trying to Super Squad Logan (Jump over him from the chair to the floor).
So I hung up the phone really quick and with steam coming out of my ears and in my meanest voice (not loudest, just meanest.. no one wants to hear the mean/loud combo, just ask my neighbors) I said between gritted teeth,
Get on the couch... now.
Then I looked down and saw that  my phone had ignored my instructions to hang up and had dialed the town court.
I put the phone up to my ear and said  "hello" (small print = awkward and quietly) and the most disgusted sounding woman I have ever heard in my life answered "hello" (bold print = annoyed and short). 
Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh only me... So embarrassing. So then I spoke at the speed of light about why I was calling and how I wanted to re-schedule my court day and that I didn't have a babysitter (she was obviously privy to the fact that my kids are animals).
She told me I had to talk to the judge.

I think she's going to tell the judge that I was mean to my kid and then make me go to court on my birthday.

Here are some very random pictures that have to do with nothing for your viewing pleasure...

 Blake Sparrow... Thanks Aunt Jenna!

 Versatile double stroller....

 What could possibly be going on in this picture?

 Jello Drunk

One of my favorite Schmoopy outfits... Look at the flip flop placement

Mommy and Stink...

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