Lets talk labor... Part 2

Sorry this post is a day late.. I had a girls night out last night that involved Koto and The Help. I wanted to come home and finish my post but I couldn't see through my eye slits.. Three grown woman sobbing at the end of a movie. It was really good. Really really. So here is my post that was originally planned for yesterday.

Labor day is officially over (boo!). Now it is Fall, we aren't supposed to wear white and I am going to share Logan's "labor story".
I realize now it is basically a delivery story, but I am going to share anyway.
I was due for Logan on May 4, 2010, same due date as Blake. We had moved 2 1/2 hours north a month or two before I got pregnant so I went to a different OBGYN, had my blood work done at a different place and delivered in a different hospital. I was nervous because now we live in a more rural area and the hospital is smaller and I didn't really know anyone who had had a baby there.
So anyway, by about April 1st I was done being pregnant. I hated being so fat and uncomfortable, I wanted to meet Logan and I was ready to start the next chapter in our life. So when I started to go to the doctor every week I had them check me every single time. I told them that because I had no family around I wanted to be induced on my due date if I hadn't gone into labor yet. I needed a plan for Blake. especially because the swine flu had just broken out and they weren't allowing anyone but significant others and grandparents in the hospital. No kids, which meant no Blake, which meant a plan was necessary.

Fast forward to May 4th, my due date, my day of induction. I got to the hospital at about 7 AM. They had already had me phone in all my birthing information and paperwork weeks earlier so when I walked in to the birthing wing and the nurses were like "hey Ash, lets have a baby! Here is your room!!!". I don't know if it actually went like that but that's how I choose to remember. They set me up with an IV (that took about 10 seconds) and then began the process of inducing my labor. I had heard horror stories about woman getting induced but I honestly didn't care. I wanted that baby out.

The nurses there were so nice and took such great care of me. One of my nurses kind of  knew my in-laws so it made it even more comfortable. Our parents came a few hours after we got there, again they were the only people allowed at the hospital throughout my stay (significant others, grandparents and birthing coaches).

A few hours later the nurse came in and told me that whenever I wanted an epidural to just let her know. She also reassured me that the anaesthesiologist was amazing.Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that was a relief. I think around 2:00 my contractions were getting uncomfortable so I asked for my epidural. I didn't even have to get checked or anything, I just buzzed and it was delivered. I know that it hurt because a needle in your spine will hurt anyone but I know I didn't cry. I know that to say it was a quarter of the pain I felt during my epidural for Blake would be a stretch. He really was amazing.
After that I remember a few things happening:

     1. I was in the rocking chair and a random nurse came in and I accidentally rocked on her toe during a contraction. She was SOOO dramatic about it. Telling me about how she was supposed to go on vacation on a cruise or something and I had just rocked on her toe. I seriously was about to rock on it again if she didn't beat it. Lady, I am in labor here. Why the hell would you put your foot under a rocking chair of a 197 lb woman (haha I had gained 60 lbs again- it happens). So she limped away and was never seen or heard from again.
     2. I remember our parents leaving for a little while. They were going to go visit Blakey. But when it was time to deliver and I called them they all had to leave Blake really quick and he cried. I think my sister gave him 10 lollipops so he would stop.
     3. At one point when it was getting close to delivery time and they had me switch from my right side to my left and then they came in and gave me a quick ultrasound. I can't really remember why. I think they were worried Lo was going to shift or something. It turned out he just had his hand behind his head (he sits like this all the time)  but he moved it so it was fine.

Then the nurse came in and told me they had been watching my contractions on the computer in the office or hallway and it was go time. This nurse was so nice too. I don't remember any of their names but they were so good to me. I remember she came in and our conversation went something like this:

Nurse: Hey Ash. I want to ask you something and you can totally say no if you don't want to
Me: Okay
Nurse: We have a class here from the community college and their professor asked if it would be okay if they all came and watched you deliver.
Me: Ummmm okay. How many students are there?
Nurse: I think 9 or 10.
Me: (nervous head nod)

Before this Michael and I had always talked about how when I had our babies it would only be him and I in the delivery room ahich was fine because no one really wanted to be in the room anyway (I am pretty sure both my and Michael's Dad would rather have had teeth pulled in the dentist downstairs, and my mom never expressed even a little interest in being there) but Michael's mom really wanted to be there. So she stayed too.
It was a big room so they all fit. Nurses came in for Logan and there was my nurses and my doctor and the entire community college, and Michael and his mom.

 Everyone else made a quick exit to the waiting room.

There was also no way Michael was ever going to hold my foot again while I gave birth. He made me write it in my birthing plan and everything. So one of the students held my foot for me. I have no idea now what she looked like, but I like to think that maybe sometimes we are in the same aisle at Target together and she sees me and Logan there and thinks, I helped deliver that baby (and I saw way more of that woman than I had ever hoped too)

I pushed about 5 times and was thinking in my head that I was too tired to push again when they told me that Logan was born. I had no idea that I had even delivered. I don't care what anyone says, epidurals are good stuff. He was 7lbs 5oz. Michael cut the umbilical cord and then ran out and got everyone who had barely made it to the waiting room before it was time to come back. At this hospital the Dad has to put the first diaper on and they made you feel like you were really special and that they were so happy for you and your baby and your new family.

I remember them handing Logan to me and me thinking my babies don't look like this (like I had 15 babies home). He had blue eyes and a giant dimple in his chin (and I use the term chin loosely, the first thing my sister said when she saw him was "they forgot to give you a chin". In her cutest baby voice, of course). But he was ours and he was perfect and we loved on him... and we haven't stopped since. <3

It was a night and day experience from having Blake. The one bummer was that I couldn't share my new baby with the few friends and family that wanted to visit me in the hospital. But my sister did spend the night at the hospital with me the night after Logan was born, we just told them she was one of my birthing coaches.

So without further ado.. Logan Joel Porter. May 4, 2010.

Right after he was born... I wanted to hold him for a second before they cleaned him up or anything..

 Immediate diaper duty

haha right after they took him away to clean him up.
Looking good Ash. Nice mullet

<3 <3

Our Logan

See his little chin??

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