Lets wrap up this weekend!

I just wrote a whole post about our weekend and then literally almost fell asleep reading it. It was awful. 
So here is a quick synopsis and some pictures.
I really wasn't bored that much this weekend at all. We did a lot of things around the house.The kids played a lot of Super Hero Squad (ripping all my couch cushions off and jumping from one to the next to the next). We played outside, shopped at Lowes, primed our play house, cooked and crafted.

 It might all be in my head but I swear this stuff works... and it smells so good.
I enjoy Parent's Choice lol

Logan actually cuddled with me. I had Michael take some pictures to record this momentous occasion

 This was my favorite craft this weekend. I only did 2 but I liked this much better. I free handed the letters with an old eyeliner brush. I found this idea on one of my favorite blogs Burlap and Lace.

And we ended the weekend on a very low note.

First we can all take a moment and talk about how disgusting my couch is. Now its out there. I have insurance on the couches and have called about the stains not coming out and I was told I should have called every time I got a stain.. If I did that I would never hang up my phone, and I have better things to do with my time. The couch is gonna bust soon enough from Super Hero Squad anyway....
Okay, now that that's out of the way Stink has been peeing his pants pretty frequently lately. This one takes the cake though. I came out of the shower to this.
 He is potty trained, and lazy.
And was put to bed at 745.
I'm not even going to talk about the tantrum that occurred from 745-815PM.

I hope everyone had a great weekend... Ready for Monday?? 

Some big things are happening this week @ the Porter's!


  1. Dear Ashley (Big Sister).... I would like 2 of yur Fall Crafty things...I will pay top dollar for them!!! And R u turning 30???? O ya never mind if u were ther would porb be one of thoses surprise over the hill partys and i didnt get a invite so i guess thers no party or im not invited could be both??? ...But any whooo I hope u have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!! And thx for always being ther..xoxo

  2. I love it! I think it looks fantastic! Super cute, and super easy. right?