Little update

Have you missed me like crazy???

Last weekend we traveled to Albany to watch our friends Garth and Jess get married. I didn't bring my camera because I am a giant loser. Plus, I have been having a hard time busting that bad boy out in public places. It is large and in charge and I don't want people to mistake me for the photographer. Also my photos are mediocre at best. Anyway it was really really fun. A late morning wedding means mimosas and bloody mary's. Also there was fried eggplant salad. It was so good. Plus we got out sans the boys which was overdue.
Anyway, we came home Sunday night and I seriously have just not been able to get my shit together ever since. That is the thing with being away for me.. Regrouping is really hard. Really hard.

Tuesday Blakey had a field trip to the apple orchard which I had to escort him on. He picked pumpkins and apples and saw some bees making honey and went through a corn maze and mosquito's were attacking my face and it was raining. I know that it would have made for good pictures but I was not about to lug that thing around in the rain. So pretend these are Blake:

Clearly by these outfits I missed the overall memo...

Wednesday morning Michael brought Blake for a walk came home and said that we had the dirtbag lawn of the neighborhood and promptly spent the rest of  the day chopping trees and bushes down and mowing the lawn. I cleaned and brought the boys to get some play sneakers (while we were at the wedding my parents brought Logan to Stride Rite where they measured his foot out to 7.5. I had been putting him in size 6 shoes.... bad mom).. Anyway guilt stricken I checked Blake's foot only to feel that his toe was practically popping out of his grey Nike's... sighhhhhhhh... So I bought them both new play sneakers so they each have two pairs... Just for the record a 7.5 size foot on a 16 month old is kind of ridiculous right?? Just checking.
Anyway our house looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Other items to cover

Fall TV is back!!!! Biggest Loser, Parks and Rec, Modern Family, The Office!!!! I have been pretty busy between the hours of 8-10pm this week.

I got my birthday present from my Dad parents over the weekend. First thing is this sign. I saw it in a magazine about a year ago and my Dad had been trying to get it for me ever since. Isn't that sweet???

He really isn't that sweet though. Look at what else was attached to my card.....

Yes, this was a gift (and I use that term veryyyyy loosely) from my Dad.Woof. I was about 25 pounds overweight from Logan. As you can tell by the fat all over my face.
And You know he thought this was the most hilarious thing ever. Is this not THE WORST picture ever?? no actually its not. because he also gave me this gem:

What the hell. He said he wanted to find a way to put these on my blog without me knowing... Clearly he has never heard of a password. I have no shame so I decided I would put them up for him. My Dad gave these to me in his words "because I'm sick of being on your blog"....  He surely has to know he just earned himself a pass as guest of honor in an upcoming post TBA.

Anywhooooo.... We are going back to my mom and dads this weekend for a very special 1 year old's birthday. The most beautiful baby girl in all the land..... Who gives the dirtiest looks I have ever seen. I didn't even know a baby was capable of judging... But she is so cute it doesn't matter... Boo for poor picture quality...

Surely, I will not have such a hard time getting my life together after this trip as I dont plan to drink the equivilant of two bottles of wine (rough estimate) on Saturday.

Also I am getting an iPhone today!!! Woooo Hooooo!!!! 2 down. 28 to go.


  1. HA HA HA HA HA... your dad's gifts made me crack up. My dad likes to pull that "funny stuff" too... and
    I'm always like "hey buddy, I only get one day a year to celebrate me, can you not make fun of me." But I guess that's what dad's are for! :) HE HE!

    Your baby's so cute! Happy Weekend! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  2. I love that sign!

    Laura mentioned about bringing the boys to see the fire trucks this weekend. Let me know.. David will be there all day Sunday. :)

  3. I can't wait for another Joel appearance :)

  4. annnnd Anonymous would be Tara, I can never figure this thing out!