Oh Happy Day

First I would like to say that I cant watch this video without crying at the end. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh....  I am always crying at dumb shit. It's a sure sign I'm turning into my mother.

Anyway.. It is a happy day. Actually, it has been a happy week. Because (drum roll please..................) I got an IPhone. Yiiippppeeee!!!! I know that most people in the world have had smart phones for like3 years, but I had a pantech crux, a what? a pantech crux.

So here is everything I love about it (since Tuesday)

#1 Instagram App.
This may or may not have been about 75% of the reason I wanted an iPhone. I'm still not all the way sure how it works but when I do figure it out I <3 it.

nephew Cooper....

Schmoopy Doop

Big Stink

#2 YouTube on my phone.
I was perusing through one of my friends Facebook pages when I came across Jenna Marbles. I watched like 27 videos of hers and was cracking up. I like her as much as Tucker Max. They are vulgar and completely inappropriate and are hilarious. Don't watch her videos if you don't like swearing, all over profanity, filthy jokes, little dogs or if you are my mom or over 40. That's a rough age estimate. I mean it is there on YouTube for everyone to enjoy but if you are repulsed by it, remember I warned you.

#3 Real Simple App.
Basically it gives you a list of how to clean every room in your house. My kitchen is looking really good right now. It does suggest doing crazy things like cleaning your shower rings. I didn't even know that people did that. Anyway if you want your house to sparkle download this app.

Ahhhh all clean

#4 Fooducate. This is the most depressing application of all time. You scan barcodes on food and then you get that foods grade. Nothing that has a barcode gets an A. Except plain cheerios which I personally don't eat unless there is a bowl of sugar poured all over them, or things that don't have bar codes like oranges. Here is an example....
Great Value 90 calorie granola bars get a grade of D+. How is this possible?? well they are not whole grain, its heavily processed, contains too much sugar and is comprised of some sketchy ingredients. All according to fooducate. I just ate one as I typed this lol.

Anyway that is why I love my IPhone thus far. I would also quickly like to share how I got my IPhone. Michael likes to randomly call Verizon and see what offers they have going on, find out he is not qualified for them and then get pissed off about it. Last week when he called they said that they were offering upgrades to some customers. And I was one of them.You trade in your old phone and then get $100.00 off of a smart phone... It took me all day but I finally decided that I wanted in. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh IPhone.. You and me forever.


  1. Omg, can't believe I didn't tell you about Jenna marbles sooner. She's a riot!!!

  2. Omg, can't believe I didn't tell you about Jenna marbles sooner. She's a riot!!!