One down 29 to go!

Guess who can cross one off their dirty thirty list???


Last night we had a girls night that started at Koto. I had never been there so I didn't really know what to expect. I did not expect them to shoot Saki into my mouth with what looked like a ketchup bottle. Saki is good. It tastes a little citrus to me. I wish it was cold. I also caught a piece of zucchini thrown at me, after the first one whacked me in the nose. My friend Heather got it on the first try.

Here we are with what looks like red eyes. After dinner we went to see The Help. when that movie was over eyes looked like this picture in real life.
You know those movies when you are trying not to take the big sobby breath that will lead to hysterical crying in the theatre cause you don't want people to think you are a nut case? This is one of those movies. And it is definitely okay if you make the loud nasty sob sound. 
Cause everyone around you wants to make it too. I was wiping my eyes on my turtleneck.
I think it took me a full hour to recover when that movie was over.
It was so good.  

In other news I got new green rain boots today. I think I hear some puddles calling Blake and I.

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  1. Wow ! What a great picture of the three of you. You all look great!!