When I went to Hudson Valley every Tuesday if you were a student you could go to the campus center and get tickets to the movies for $3.00. My cousin Danielle and I would try to go every week and get our tickets. On this day, a Tuesday 10 years ago at about 9:45AM Danielle and I were waiting in line for our movie tickets with a bunch of other students when some woman came out of her office crying talking to someone about an attack. I honestly really didn't think much of what she had just said, I had barely even heard her. I remember just thinking I wanted my movie ticket and wanted to get done with being in line. I had no idea.

I don't really remember much after that. I remember TVs coming out in the halls of the buildings and eventually classes getting cancelled. I remember that none of the cell phone networks worked and I was trying to call my friend Rouelle who had moved to the city after high school. I remember watching TV like everyone else and not even believing what was happening. I just remember it being such a sad day. Not like when someone you love dies sad, because believe me I know how those days go, they are the worst. But this was more like a group of people were trying to kill all of us. America. Like a whole country. It was the saddest. And I feel like it took a long time for things to feel"right" again. And I honestly don't think at the time I really understood the magnitude of what had just happened.

Ten years later I'm still not sure I understand. I mean I obviously understand what happened. The logistics, the timeline, the plan. What I don't understand is how people can be filled with such hate that something like 9/11 even occurs.
It hurts my heart.
I feel more affected by it now that I am a mom than I did ten years ago. Because now I think of what the people that lost their lives children must have went through. I cant help but put myself there. I think how everyday we all kiss Michael goodbye before he goes to work and he tells the boys he loves them and I tell him Ill see him when he gets home. What if all that happened as usual and then he went to work but he never came home. What would I tell my boys? How would we even go on? It would change us all forever.
Then I think how did it affect all those kids? Their spouses and their mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers? When I try to wrap my head around it I honestly find it a little hard to breathe.

I found this free printable down load at http://www.lesscakemorefrosting.com/. I think its a really nice tribute. I think Ill print it and put it up for the day. Because it is important we remember.

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