The best Halloween surprise ever

Happy Halloween everyone!!!! I am almost to my 100th post.
That's crazy....

We spent this weekend at my Mom and Dad's. Michael went to a Giants game. I went to the MAC counter. My sister, Danielle and I brought the boys to Toys R Us for the first time. Blake was in Heaven. Logan didn't know what was going on.

Saturday night Laura and I and Michael and his friends all went out to dinner. Michael was already with his friends so Laura and I had to sneak out of my parents house. Every time I try to go anywhere without my kids Lo screams bloody murder and Blake repeats "I wanna go, Mama I wanna go, Can I go?" a million times. So before that could even start I asked Blake if he wanted to show Mema and Poppa his costume. Of course he was not going to miss an opportunity to dress up. So off they all shuffled into the bedroom with the costumes and Laura and I snuck out (First you sneak from your parents then your kids... it never ends).

We had a delicious dinner of tomato bacon ranch pizza and boneless buffalo wings. Then we went to Cheesecake Machismo and got brown sugar and cinnamon and caramel brownie cheesecake (sooo good!!)
But that is neither here nor there.... because meanwhile at Mema and Pop's....

My mom was trying to finagle two superheroes into their costumes with no help. I think she was getting annoyed that my father wasn't around but that is just an uneducated guess. So she finally walks out of the bedroom and to her Surprise sees this!!

POPPA AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Notice the wing on the top of his head!)

We have nothing to fear!!!!!!!!!!
2 Captain America's are here!!!!

Because we all need an up close of  Joel.... De.Light.Ed
One of the top 3 best Poppa moments of all time (or 3.5 years)

And of course an Instagram

A very tired Captain America

Pictures of Spider man to come later. He was sleeping when these were taken.


  1. I lovee this!! YAY UNLCE JOEL!

  2. Ash, this is the funniest thing ever. I would have paid any amount of money to see this! I love that man, and his hugs!