Okay so here is the thing. I don't think I have printed pictures that I have took of my kids since last summer, Christmas, when Michael and I got married, errrrr right after Logan was born. And when my computer crashed (kind of- I was able to bring it back to life) I had a small heart attack thinking of all the memories that I had lost. Which you would think would have made me print out every picture I have ever taken (which would be about 3,000 give or take). But I didn't. I didn't print any of them. Bad mom.
I have all intentions of printing them eventually. When the mood strikes, I guess.
Anyway, when I was hyperventilating about the loss of my children's last 1.5 years in pics I started to think about what I would have if I lost all my pictures. And then I remembered my blog. I would have my blog. I would have all the stories about my kids growing up. The good and The bad (kinda).
I will have so many stories about my kids lives documented. Things I would never remember if I never started writing. Things my kids say and do on a daily basis. 
And the truth is... As Mom's we should all keep our kid's stories.
Because when someone says remember when Blake used to say that word or Logan used to make that face, and I don't remember, I get really sad.
I don't want to forget any of this time in our lives. Even if the memory is me thinking I am going to need to go on blood pressure meds because my kids are driving me that crazy.
I think everyone should have a blog.
 Especially because we mom's all have things in common and we should all tell our stories.
If for no other reason than to help other mom's know they are not alone. I love sharing mine.

So everyone should start a blog and we can all share our stories and if you do I'll welcome your blog on my blog..... (blogblogblogblogblog)
Even if you don't have kids. There are always memories to be saved, stories to be told, venting to let out.

Also, I saw this today and started to cry... Continuing on with my I cry at everything roll I seem to be on... If your a mom let me know if you cry. I wont feel so pathetic.


  1. You are not the only one who cries. After having Liam, my heart turned into mush,leaving me to be all emotional...over things I once thought were lame.

    I highly recommend the shutterfly photo books to capture memories, too. They are a pain to create, but so nice to have.

  2. Everytime I read your blog, it makes me want to write. However, I feel like 1. I don't have nearly enough funny stories to write about, 2. I would probably be in the shadow of your spot light, because you're so good.

    Anyway, it could be a new hobby of mine.

  3. I don't even have a baby yet and that makes me cry just thinking about it...you are such a good mom!

  4. @ Tara you should totally start a blog. Write about anything. Who cares. Blogging is nice and therapeutic for me. I get everything I am thinking typed out and then if I think it is boring or too much I just delete it haha.

    And as far as funny stories.. I bet you have a ton...Laura always tells me how funny you are. Start with your disaster trip to Boston :)

  5. @ Star I cried at a commercial on TV for a dinosaur toy today... sighhhhh I dont know if I will ever be the same. We have probably turned into the people we would have made fun of at KP.

    I also have made two shutterfly books and love them. I need to stop being so lazy and make some more!!

  6. @ Amanda- Thank you so much.. I have days when I seriously think I am going to lose it and then I see something like that sign and I am a puddle lol

  7. Thanks, Ash! And thanks to Laura!! What a compliment, someone thinks I'm funny :)

    We shall see. I may just start writing.