If I ever got caught...

Before we Skyped with my Mom and Dad tonight Blake asked if he could wear his Halloween mask. I don't think he realized I was taping him.

Remember that show on VH1 where they would videotape people driving in their cars? And they would be singing and dancing. For like 3 months after I watched that show I was self conscience that someone was videotaping me in my 1995 Chevy Lumina. (Like that car alone wasnt a giant embarrassment)

I can only imagine what a video of me driving would look like now. It would be the most embarrassing event of my life. Not only do I think that I sound like Adele when I am driving alone in my car (don't lie, you do too) I also may or may not stillllll be listening to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Which means I know all the words, I'll let you visualize what that might look/sound like. Anyway, there would probably also be a lot of beeeeeeeeeps and one of those fuzzy circles around my mouth because when people are in my way, I swear. A lot. I am also the same person who gets so mad when I see someone yelling at me right after I cut them off, I say something in my car like "Relax.. Clearrrrrrly I didn't see you". And I am completely serious.

OK this whole post has nothing to do with the awesome video I am about to post. Enjoy.

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