Easy and delicious

- I love things that are easy to do.
- I love things that are easy to make.
- I love things that do not take a lot of time.
- I also love things that do not require me to think that much
This recipe hits all those bullet points

They are called pumpkin cake muffins.
They are so easy. And I found them at one of my favorite blogs
I like her blog because she gives easy ideas and tips.
Things that you read and are like what?... why didn't I already know/do that?

Blake and I made these in like 5 minutes.
 Here is the recipe:

1 box of cake mix. I used vanilla because that is what I had. She prefers chocolate
1 can of pumpkin
As many chocolate chips as you want

Mix it all
Put mix in lined cup cake tin
Bake for 15-20 minutes (we made big muffins)

That's it.

Enjoy :)

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  1. I tried this. Except, mine don't look like muffins. Mine are more like cupcakes. Very dissapointed. Also, instead of using chocolate chips, I used butterscotch.