Facebook... the one with no picture

Let's talk about Facebook.

I love Facebook. I love it for so many reasons. I just tried to list them but I had no idea what to write. Because I love Facebook for the same reason as everyone else... I like to know what's going on with everyone. I like looking at pictures and seeing statuses and IMing with people.

What I don't love about Facebook? When it became a way to bash the shit out of people. Either in status updates or talking about people indirectly with other people on their Facebook walls or insulting people inadvertently. Especially people who I would consider to be adults. And people I would guess consider themselves to be adults.

Am I saying that I never talk about people. Um no. That's what people do. They talk. What I don't understand is why people cant just click on the bottom right corner find the person they want to talk to and then do it in private. Because then everyone else wouldn't see all the mean things your saying? Because then the person your talking about wouldn't see it and get their feelings hurt? I don't know its just so confusing. It reminds me of in high school when you would hear girls talking about you one table over in the library. And it stung. I remember my feelings being hurt really bad.

I also remember being the girl talking. And now looking back I'm so disgusted with that girl. It was really mean. It was being a bully. And that hurts my stomach. Why would anyone purposely make someone else feel bad? Why would I have done that?

I think a natural progression in life is to grow up, be more sensitive to other people's feelings, ask when you think someone is mad at you, confront people when they have hurt your feelings and be open to the reasons people give you when you do confront them. And I know it is so easy to sit here and type it. But it is hard. Really hard. Something I continue to struggle with.

Again I am not saying that I don't talk about people or that I am oblivious to the fact that people talk about me sometimes. People talk. Its the way the world works. I'm just saying I don't want to read people being mean to other people anymore. Facebook is a place to connect with people and build friendships. Not be blatantly rude and hurt people's feelings.

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