freedom..... sorta

Yesterday I took a drive all by myself to my mom and dad's.
And I slept there all by myself. I didn't have to change a diaper or make a bottle for hours.
I thought I was going to sleep through the night uninterrupted until the dog needed to go out at 2AM.
But it was fine because I didn't have to change her diaper.
Can I tell you how necessary time alone is sometimes?
Mom time via instagram anyone??
Here we go!

My drive down...

The view from my car....

I have been loving scenery pictures lately.
Only when I take them tho.
Ohhhh foliage.

The drive down was also delicious.
2 bags of sour gummy worms
and 20 ounces of Diet Mountain Dew

I know Mountain Dew is an acquired taste, and judge me if you must. But I love that stuff.
And 2/ $1 gummy worms.... yum.

What I listened to the WHOLE ride down. This CD makes me so happy.
I liked to listen to it as louddddddddddd as the Malibu would allow.

oh hey crazy eye...
awesome new hair cut... check.
I don't know how many inches I had cut off but it feels so light...

Can you guess what season starts for my dad tomorrow???
yes, he is keeping his bow in my son's crib.
 Good thing I left Schmoopy home.

Anyone know what this is?
This is what the Montessori school considers a playground.
I took this picture when I made a quick wrong turn.
 I thought it was snap worthy.
I have a lot of opinions on Montessori schools but I will save them for another time.

No ride home would be complete without a pumpkin coffee....
(and a blueberry cake donut)

And then I came home and saw this on my kitchen wall.

Truth be told I missed my guys....
Truth be told I needed that time off.....

Now enjoy these videos of my kids opening the presents my mom and dad sent down....

Ughhhhhhh I only have a video of Blake.
 I thought I was making one of Logan opening his but apparently I was just holding the camera recording nothing.
Now I am mad..
 LoLo had the most unsatisfied look on his face when he was going through his presents.
It was pretty funny...
Well enjoy Blake's video

How annoying is my voice?
so. annoying.

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  1. Loving the new cut and Blakes enthusiasm while opening his gifts.