I'm exhausted

I moved my clothes from the office closet to the guest room closet. Made the office closet my actual office (so Michael can bring his gym back inside for the winter). Cleaned the shit out of the guest room closet, moved all the winter coats that were in the guest room closet to the "broom closet" upstairs, cuhleannned the closet under the stairs, went through all our bills/pay stubs/random documents...

I'm sorry, am I boring you?? I am boring myself typing this. Snooze fest post. Basically I moved things around all day. Then I gave my kids a bath and took a shower. Got out of the shower and realized I didn't shave the bottom half of my left leg......... I do this entirely too often. hmmmm probably TMI.

Anyway, my apologies for wasting 2 minutes of your life with this post. Hopefully this picture will make up for the time wasted....

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Blakey.... I love this little guy.
Hand down pants and all.

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