Pumpkin rides, cousins and time outs.

These past few days have been trying for me. Blake has been really difficult. Testing Michael and I. He even told me that he got a time out at pre-school (at least he doesn't understand the art of tattle taling yet). He has been throwing tantrums whenever he doesn't get what he wants and I feel like 80% of the time his is talking to me in a high pitched whine. Obviously whatever Michael and I are doing is not working. I want Blake to grow up to respect adults and authority and people in general. He is a great little guy and I don't want that to be overshadowed by the kid who comes out every time he hears the word no. I will take any and all advice. Seriously.
Do I think that he is any worse than any other 3 year old? Not usually. And I think the worst thing someone can do is compare how their child acts to someone else's. Grown ups or kids, we are all different and we handle our anger and frustration in different ways. Some kids are particularly easy going, laid back and obedient. Other kids like to test limits. We have a limit tester.

That being said, Blakey is also the same kid who will come over to me for no reason give me a super hug and tell me how much he loves me. And likes me. I try to remember this when he is rolling around on the floor in Old Navy.

Elijah and Kira spent yesterday and today with us. We went to the park and The Ground Round yesterday and pumpkin picking at Rulf's Orchard today. Pumpkin picking was fun. We sat next to a very nice older couple from Florida. The man was so kind and held his beret over Logan's head when we were waiting for our pumpkin ride to start so the sun wasn't in his eyes. Then Logan passed out on the ride to the pumpkin patch (I have no idea how that was even possible as the ride wasn't one I would call smooth). Blakey had a nice talk with the driver and owner of Rulf's about how much he liked his tractor. He told Blakey he would have brought him up front in the cab for the ride but there were too many other kids that might get jealous. I don't know if that was true or not but Blakey seemed pretty happy at the idea. He also told Blakey to come back when he was 14 and he would give him a job. Something I will not forget lol.

When I was standing in line to buy donuts the lady behind me told me how cute my baby was and that he should be a model and then when I told her his name she told me how perfect it was. I seriously wanted to pay for that lady's order. Of course everyone thinks they have the cutest babies. But what Mom doesn't love to hear it from complete strangers. This Mom does. Plus she was right. That lady had impeccable taste.

All in all it was a nice visit. Blakey gets so excited when Elijah is around. He basically has to sit on his lap orthisclose to him at all times. Elijah is a rock star to Blake. Which can sometimes be a little (or a whole lot) annoying for a big 7 year old cousin.

 Here are some pictures:

GQ baby

Elijah and Blake looking really happy as sunflowers

The face Blake makes when he is saying "Cheeeeeese"

How handsome is this sunflower head?

Looking for the perfect pumpkin

This is Blake after he went to the bathroom in the woods. He always tucks his shirt in his underpants.
This is also the pumpkin he picked. I've picked bigger apples.

How Logan spent the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch, the time spent picking pumpkins, and the ride back from pumpkin picking. My arm still hurts.

Tired boys

Blake loved this tractor. He was pretending to turn the key, change the gears, beep the horn and steer. I think it is from all the practice on his Poppy's tractor. 

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