Sunday in pictures

Every try taking a picture every hour? That's what I did today. We had a "spaghetti party"(or friends over for spaghetti dinner) tonight and I didn't take any pictures. Even after talking about how we should take pictures. Anyway I missed the 5 o'clock hour but here is the rest:

7 AM- Toast and bananas

 8 AM Pinterest and Mad Monster Party

9 AM Pumpkin cupcake muffins

10 AM Muffins done and Daddy's up!

11 AM What happens when I try to get through the gate 

12 PM Photo shoot

1 PM Fluffernutter and Cheeze Its

2 PM Quick snuggle with Schmoopy

3 PM Flying guys and getting ready for the spaghetti party

4 PM Little fit

5 PM (miss)

6 PM cupcake time

I know Blakey looks sad here but he really wasn't.
 Little Stinker just ate all the frosting off a cupcake!

7 PM LoLo sleeping and Blake hanging with Dad

Also here is a video from the 12 o'clock hour....

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