Tomorrow we have a Halloween parade to attend. My favorite parade has always been the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. But I'm pretty sure its not going to have anything on Blake's nursery school Halloween parade. You know pictures are coming. He is excited to wear his costume in public and has requested that I be a Ninja Turtle and Michael Iron Man. I'm hoping he won't notice when we are dressed as regular Michael and Ashley.

I told him he had to go to bed tonight and he sprinted around the toy room screaming and crying "BUT THIS PLACE IS A PIG STYYYYYYYYYYY, ITS A PIG STYYYYYYYY".

Anyway that is neither here nor there. I am almost to my 100th post. I think that constitutes another giveaway. So that should be coming.

I am going to have a post soon of all of the things in my house that are Pinterest or blog inspired. That should be fun right?

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