25 old things

OK so one of my favorite blogs is Living in Yellow and in her last post she wrote this. I saw it and thought it would be a good idea to write my own. But I'm lazy today. And I don't want to.
then I remembered that I already did it. On January 27, 2009. I am not editing any of it. So enjoy.

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2. AND MICHAEL!!! I am so happy he is coming home so I dont have to be the only one changing diapers anymore..
3. My job is stressful sometimes.. I work with fun people so they make it okay. "Hallelujah Holla back!"
4. I could probably eat pizza everyday
5. Im not buying Uggs anymore. I love them but I dont take care of them so they are a waste of money to me. Go Union Bay!
6. I love quoting my Dad... "What if I dont like it... then I dont have nothing"... "this channel should be called losers cause its for losers" Bahahahahahhahaaa
7. I love that my boyfriend seriously loves Smallville and BattleStar Gallactica... It gives him character ;)... See you Thursday
8. I wish Ana lived closer so we could cause trouble the way we used too... But in a more mature way of course, I am a mother now.
9. Its a lot harder to balance being a good Mom and good friend than I thought it was going to be... I hope my friends know Im doing my best!! Public apology***
10. Another favorite quote... " I wonder if there were any good funerals today" hahahhahahahaha
11. Target Target Target
12. I'm glad Blakey has a "best fweind" already... Lil' Bwayden :)
13. Kohls Kohls Kohls
14. Sometimes Laura and I can just look at each other and start laughing...
15. I want to be tan and have nice hair and nice clothes again. But Im too tired (eh hem) lazy
16. I WANT A NEW CAR!!!!
17. I get so mad and annoyed with the Fly Morning Rush EVERY MORNING but I cant stop listening!
Damn you Bryan Cody!
18. I think everyone should have to sit through one of Elijah's shows... He is HiLArioUs!!!! WAhhhhhhhhh
19. Family is super important and I would pack you all up and take you to the Burgh with me if Icould... But I know you would hate it... so I wont.
20. I have this Friday off... Suckerssssssssssssss
21. Mcdonalds! Mcdonalds! (Circa 1991 in Mazda Protege)
22. I love hamburgers but wont even try steak...
23. One time Michael pushed me off the bed.. and I fell... and it was like on tv... and it was hilarious
24. Blake will be 1 so sooon!!! I cant deal with it
25. I hate Kid Rock

good stuff right.... and because this little guy wasn't even a thought. He needs at least a pic.

We understand each other :)

Happy Monday!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up...number ten absolutely cracks me up. Who in the world says that? Haha..love it.

  2. If you want pizza, come on over here to Rome, it's sold on every corner!:) My daughter prefers McDonalds, likely here in Rome there are several of them. I wish we had Starbucks though, I really miss it. I'm Sicilian and my husband is Japanese and I grew up in New York. I'm following you, you have an interesting blog, I love to read about what people do. Ciao from Italy!