Conversation with my sister the other day:

Me: I think I need to make some more friends up here.
Laura: Then do it.
Me: But how
Laura:Just smile and be more social
Me: You don't think I'm social? I think its because I have this bitch face.
Laura: Yeah you do have a biotch face
Me: Ughhhhhhhhhh I know. Stupid face. Am I really not social?
Laura: I was just kidding.
Me: I don't think you were tho. Cause I feel like I do get weird sometimes. I was hoping nobody noticed lol
Me (again): Ughhhhh socially awkward with a bitch face.

So a few things were confirmed during this conversation. 1) I have a bitch face. I feel like even when I smile its a bitchy smile face. I'm not though. Here is the thing, I just get awkward sometimes and have no idea how to fix it. Sometimes I will see someone I know and will pretend I don't see them because I am scared that they won't remember me. This happens far more often then I would like to admit.

I also pretend I don't see people sometimes when I know the conversation will be awkward or I will be uncomfortable. And usually when this happens and someone does say hello, I end up saying something stupid. You know about the weather or any random thought that comes to my mind.
Like they will say:
"Hey how are you? How's it going"
and I will say:
"Thanks, you too. see you later".

Wait, what?

Embarrassment and humility ensues.
For example a while back I saw a woman at Target who I used to work with a few years ago. I pretended that I didn't see her because I didn't think she would remember me. But after I walked by I changed my mind and figured that she probably did know who I was... So stupid. I don't know why I get like this. I don't remember always being such a weirdo...

So anyway I am going to work on this. How am I going to make an effort to make new friends? I am going to say hello to people I recognize and if they don't recognize me, who cares. I would love for my current triangle of friends up here to turn into a circle. That would be fabuloussssssss....

If I could just get rid of this bitch face.

and speaking of awkward....

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  1. oh my gosh.. I'm laughing so hard at this post I'm crying and my husband thinks I'm an idiot.

    This is so totally me. I have that face. people always tell me "I always thought you just didn't like me by the way you looked at me."

  2. Happy to hear I'm not the only one. Ha Ha!!

    Now I'm walking around smiling like an idiot all the time!!!!

    Probably creepier than my bitch face! lol

  3. I have that face too! Uggh it sucks, I don't mean to have that face.