Back from Thanksgiving Blah.

This is not the post that I wanted to come back from my Thanksgiving trip and write. I wanted to write about how great Thanksgiving was, how we watched the Macy's Day Parade and Logan busted out dancing at every Broadway performance, how when Spider man came on Blake looked like I had put him on pause he was in such a trance, and how my sister and I Black Friday shopped at Macy's for like 10 minutes. How I went out to dinner with my friends from high school Friday night and had so much fun bullshitting. Oh man did I need that night out.

Those are all the things I wanted to write about. In detail. But I instead have decided to write about today. About how Logan woke up at 5 AM and Blake at 5:45. How I decided to wake up on the right side of the bed anyway and make cinnamon rolls. How we broke out the glitter and made Christmas pictures and watched Curious George Christmas after breakfast. How I decorated for Christmas while the boys played downstairs not to Christmas Carols but to Beyblade Beyblade let it rip.
How everything was pretty much smooth sailing until nap time. As many days do.

Down hill. Fast. Every time Blake has to go to bed/nap now he runs out of the room like 8-10 times. No lie. He comes out for water or to go to the bathroom or to tell me I am mean, to whisper random things in my ear. By about the 3rd time I am completely over it. Its not cute, its annoying. And it pushes me to my limit.

And now I am going to be honest. I say things that I should not say. I yell louder than I should, I feel my heart rate increase and my blood pressure go up. I needed a mommy time out. The thing is this boy's feathers weren't ruffled at all. I don't know if it is because I yell so much it doesn't even faze him. and if this is the case than I am embarrassed. Or its that he just really does not give a shit. I don't know which one is worse.

I walk out of his room and into the kitchen feeling like such a loser. Because I should be able to keep it together. I should be able to control my voice when dealing with a three year old. (Side note- I would love to hear other parenting horror stories. Make me feel normal)

But today I couldn't. So I will make sure tomorrow is better.

I even broke out the big dog today... the elf on the shelf. More on that story tomorrow.

Also Portable North Pole is up and running. Just in case anyone else is milking the whole Santa Claus thing for all that he's worth....

Check it out here. Last year Blake watched it 178 times in a row.

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  1. I have way too many of those days...today was one of them for me. My 3 year old isn't phased by yelling so I often wonder why I still yell...actually there really isn't any discipline method he is phased by. your not alone mama!