Cheap things I love

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I don't think it is a secret to anyone that I like a deal. In my dream world I would be able to buy whatever I want and not worry. I would never look at sale or clearance racks. I would buy things that I would maybe wear someday. I would own a MAC counter, yes the whole counter. Nothing in my kitchen cabinets (post on those coming soon) would be Great Value brand and my boys would wear all Baby Gap.

Ahhhhhhhhhh the good life....

Who needs it.

In real life we are supposed to have a budget. So I thought I would share some of the things/brands I love that are inexpensive and in my humble opinion work really well.

#1. Garanimals. When I was pregnant for Blake I visualized a baby dressed unbelievably well. Plaid button ups, wool sweaters, popped collars... pretty much a Baby Gap ad. But that is not real life. My kids like to play. I would say if anything I like to make sure they are comfortable. That is why most days I like to dress them in sweats and tees. I think Garanimals tees are better quality than Target or Old Navy (basically the only other stores I shop at for my kids).
I like Garanimals because they are good quality. They wash well, they keep their shape, they don't shrink. You can get a long sleeved shirt for $3.88. So if they do get ruined its really no big deal. Anddd I love that they sell them right at Wal-Mart. Here are my boys in some Garanimals...

#2. ELF. My favorite makeup brand by farrrrrrrrrrr is MAC. I feel like it is a miracle on my face, all of it. I don't have a MAC counter where I live so I improvise, and for some reason I improvise cheap. I love ELF. Everything is $1 or $3. My very favorite is the liquid eyeliner. In my opinion it is better than any other drug store liquid eyeliner. And you can change it out as much as you want because it costs $1. I have tried the makeup brushes, tinted moisturizers, lip glosses, highlighters and eye lash curler. They are all good. MAC good?? Probably not. But if I need makeup and I'm at Target, I pretty much only buy ELF.

#3. We also use all Suave products in the shower. I remember one of my favorite hair dressers telling me once that if you weren't going to buy salon products Suave was the next best thing. Maybe I am just making that up. Its a definite possibility. Here is why I love Suave products. I love that they are not for specific hair types. You just pick the scent you like. I know they have the salon versions but I don't like them as much. Here are my favorites lavender and lilac, mandarin mango, wild cherry blossom and aloe and waterlily. I do not enjoy the strawberry. We also use the body wash. I am using holiday pear right now. I love it. Perfect for the winter. I don't like their lotion I think its watery. Their deodorant doesn't work for me either but that's another story.

#4. Paperback swap... Online book trading. You put a few of your books up to trade, mail them out and then get credit for people to mail books to you. Its free to join. All the books I have gotten so far have been in really good shape. I did request a book about 5 months ago that I am still waiting for but I hear that is a rarity. You can find the site here.

#5. Great Value and Aldi brand almost everything. I have no shame. I used to have some brands that I would only use. But then I went to college and had no money and I guess my taste buds changed. I don't like all generic things but we try them. And if we like them good and if not then we go back to brand name. Plus I don't want my kids get all label whore on me.. they need to get used to Magic Stars and Honey Spins while they are young... I'm no dummy...

#6 Arm & Hammer laundry soap. When I lived with my parents all they used (and still use) was Tide. I tried different kinds and this is my favorite. They all work good but I like the Tropical Burst.

Other things I love are

#7 Target Clearance... Anywhere in the store... Its the best

#8 Old Navy Coupons... If there was a credit card to have I would say Old Navy is the one (Kohl's is good too, but we don't have one of those up here yet). You get lots of rewards and coupons and extra sales for having a card and you get basically free Old Navy cash just for using your card.

#9 Michael's craft store. I love that I get coupons sent right to my phone. Then I don't have to remember to print them out and bring them to the store. I highly recommend the Michael's app. Even after this incident.

#10 Dish Network. We have the welcome package. You don't get a ton of channels but you get HGTV for me, we get like 5 PBS channels for the boys and Cartoon Network for the boys and network channels for Michael. If you decide to check it out tell them we sent you ;). We have Netflix too. So that is about 600000 other shows and movies (including BeyBlade weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!).

OK I hope this post was helpful to at least one person. I am hoping my life gets a little more interesting soon. I need more to blog about.

Cheers for the Holidays!


  1. For the last several years I have been using gift cards to buy quality make-up, but now I just want something cheap and good. I'm going to check out ELF. Thanks! And Aldi's - love that place - been shopping there about a year now, I think.

  2. Thank you for the tips. I am trying to cut costs here! I think Aldi's is pretty fantastic, too.