Throw back thursday is backkkkkkkk

Ask and you shall receive.
Especially you Laura.
My sister.
My sister who says:"you need to bring Throwback Thursday back"
My sister who thinks it would be a good idea for me to join her at Planet Fitness at 5AM on Thanksgiving
My sister with impeccable style if I do say so myself
My sister who Blake mistakes me for when he sees pictures of me with blonde hair
My sister, no one makes me laugh harder or quieter (I am the silent laugh type... )
My sister who went on a date with Jason Mraz (kinda)

My sister who loved a sheep

Who doesn't really seem to be enjoying this clown that much

Who was never afraid to strut her stuff. (Random story: One time my elementary school art teacher was going door to door because he was running for mayor or something and while he was in the living room talking to my mom, my sister came out (all of maybe 7 years old) in nothing but a towel singing "you make me feel like a natural woman" or some song about being a woman. She did not know he was there. She was so embarrassed. I remember being 9 and probably peeing my pants.

My sister who apparently always had Ram pride...

 Who embraced her bowl cut. Like our feather bangs?? (Stupid Avon pink brush)

Please note how short this skirt was... and how red my face was.... ew

My sister who I brought to All Sports with me when she was 16.
(No photo- We were both legal here. I think)

And today.. Looking good double fisting.

Throwback Thursday is coming back hard folks... You could be next week :)
No one is safe.


  1. I LOVE that Throw Back Thursday's are back! I especially love that Laura was the victim this week..and I really really love the Alan D. story.

  2. I seriously dont know what our mothers were thinkging with these bowl cuts! Nice throw back!