I got my flu shot today. My arm is a little sore.
The boys are getting their shots tomorrow. Well Blake is getting the nasal spray and Logan is getting his flu shot. I am sad because I know how much it is going to hurt him. And he will have no idea until it shoots him in the arm. I will have lollipops on standby... My poor boo boo butt.

I picked Blake up from school today and he had a screaming fit because I wouldn't let him sit in the middle. Then I met my friend Heather and her girls at Target tonight because we were going to get them a free book at the mall (Every Thursday kids get a free book at the mall up here). We were there about 15 minutes and Blake had already thrown himself on the ground 3 times. Our trip ended with me pushing Lo in his stroller, carrying Blake out screaming "STOP SQUISHING MY LEGGGGGG, STOP SQUISHING MY LEGGGGG". Not embarrassing at all. (FYI I wasn't even touching his leg). Because he calmed his little body down and in his words "took a nice break in his car seat" (and also because he is banned from all games on my phone for a week) and I had no food to cook I looked past the fit and brought my kids to Pizza Hut for dinner. Logan took this as an opportunity to step up his game and spend almost our entire dinner screaming, throwing things on the floor, reaching for glasses of water and eating crayons. It was fantastic.

Kids these days....

Anyway back to my Scentsy Partayyyyy ( is calling it a partayyy obnoxious??) I asked my hostess Diana what her favorite scents are... In no particular order...
My Wish
Love Story
Lucky in Love (Identical to Victoria's Secret Love Spell)
Black Ruby
Baked Apple Pie (told you its a good one:))

Okay so remember place an order and your in the running for a half price item. That's awesome.
I think Scentsy would make a great Christmas gift. Also check these out... These would be perfect for the bathroom.. I like this one the best

I guess this one is cute too... But it kind of reminds me of something.... Ahhh the rose

Now enjoy these pictures of my crazy crazies...

The face Logan makes when he says Cheeeeseee
That some days I don't care if my kids socks match
Blake loves dress up

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  1. Logan kind of looks like Blakey in that top pic..

    Also, are we going to have to hear about your candle party every post from now on?? Borringgggggggg