Not a good one

I'm exhausted today. You know when you have plans to get a lot of things done and you drink lots of coffee and you are ready to take on the world.... and then something happens, and you deflate? That was me today.

I brought the boys to Michael's today because I wanted some Thanksgiving decorations for my house (I am all about shopping early for the holidays but decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving... I just can't do it). The Fall decor is already 75% off at Michael's by the way, and I feel like I will def get my money's worth because it will all be up for at least a month. Anyway, this part of the story isn't important but I had to start somewhere....

For some reason Michael's was the most crowded it has ever been in the history of my visits there. We had to wait in line all the way in the fondant section... It was okay though because the boys were being good, the old lady in front of us was pretty funny and the line was moving fast.

So it was finally my turn and the lady calls me and my kids and my cart over to register 3. I start putting my stuff on the counter to be rung out when I hear a loud bang and then a ton of those hhuhhhh deep breaths. I turn around and both my babies are on the ground. I think Blake stepped on the side of the cart in just the right spot making it fall on top of him and leading Logan to smash his head hard on the floor. I think I heard it. It was awful. I cant even remember what I did. I remember grabbing Logan really quick out of the cart to see if he was bleeding or anything. I don't remember if someone helped me with Blake or what. I was on the floor in front of register 3 squatting on the floor with two screaming kids. I know a few women came over to help but in my head I am sitting on the floor with 2 screaming and crying boys and the whole store just stopped and was staring at me.

I pay super fast and walk quickly to a bench right by the exit to think for a second, re-group, check the boys again and just breathe.

I put the boys in their car seats and just sat in my car and cry. I guess I was crying because I felt like a bad mom. I know that there was nothing I could have done but when something like that happens you just feel like shit. And then you start thinking of how much worse it could have been. I don't know. I guess in my head I had kept it together the whole time it was happening and I couldn't anymore.Then I called Michael, told him what happened and cried some more. And he told me it wasn't my fault and I cried a little more.

I guess it was the best outcome to a horrible situation. No one was hurt. Thank God for that. I do know one thing though, this is one of those stories that will stay with me. I know I wont forget today. Ever....

Me and my guys <3


  1. Hang in there. That has happened to me, holding baby in carrier, other on plunges to the ground in some freak of nature ninja move. You love you babies and these things happen. Sorry you had a bad day!

  2. I've definitely been there!!! But I feel like reading this post and your thoughts about what happened proves of how much of an AMAZING mom you are!! Your boys are sooo lucky to have you!!

  3. Glad the boys & you are okay. So sorry you had to experience this. Not sure how you kept it together in the store. Hope your day today is great and the boys can help you decorate :)

  4. thanks guys!!!

    I'm just happy that neither was hurt. I can only imagine what the people in the parking lot were thinking when they saw me crying like a baby in the drivers seat...

    Especially since by the time I cried both kids were back to being happy...