What November Means to Me
by Ashley Forgea Porter

1) Thanksgiving. I love shoving my face with anything I want in the name of Pilgrims and Indians (I know, I know, Native Americans and Pioneer People or something). My favorite food on Thanksgiving is cheese and broccoli rice. Isn't that random? We have always had it and my cousin Shana and I eat it like it going out of style. I like turkey too. Mostly the next day though. Cold on a sandwich with butter, cheese, salt and pepper... I would also eat this cupcake if it were available anytime between now and Thanksgiving.

2) Blake's first star day. It was today. And he did great. That kid was not going to let ANYONE forget that he was the star. I again learned today that Blake is one of the most social kids on the planet. He is friends with everyone. I love that about him. He brought in his Woody doll for show and tell because 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave his Stinky the Garbage Truck ran out of batteries. I was the Mom I thought I would never be videotaping while simultaneously snapping pictures with my camera. I'm sure the teacher was ready to slug me.

3) Christmas shopping. I love shopping for Christmas so much that I started in October this year. Usually I hit up Black Friday but because this year I am "paring down" and I already know pretty much what I am getting everyone I don't feel that it is necessary. Last year I went Black Friday shopping and both my kids had like 276476 presents each to open, and Logan was 8 months old. It looked like this:

And Logan looked like this:
Wahhhh I want my baby back baby back baby back.....

4) Crossing 2 things off my thirty before thirty list. One is a definite. Happening any day now. BTW I am failing miserably at reading two books a month. That's embarrassing. I feel like reading two books a month is nothing. I guess I am just not in the mood to read. I would rather watch hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube and stalk my favorite blogs (list coming soon)

5) Sweater Time!! One day in October it was like 75 degrees. And then last week at my Mom's there was snow. That is stupid. That is why I feel this year November will be the official start of Fall for me. I have been wearing my boots for a few weeks now. But I'm not going to lie if it was warm I would throw some flip flops on if I was in a hurry. Flip flops are retired for the season. Sweaters will be worn as much as possible. Here are some sweaters I would not mind wearing:

I thought I would be able to think of more November things.... ahhhh oh well....

Lastly, here are some pictures from last night

Like Blake says... "Halloween is closed til next year!"


  1. Newest follower from the hop. I love the picture of the Christmas Tree and the cupcakes. I personally love big trees for Christmas.