Some Sunday snippets

I just tried to change my background to something a little more festive.
For some reason nothing happened at all. Boo.
Oh well. I guess this is what we will be working with for awhile.
I will put a picture of a snowman in my sidebar and consider it done.

This is me this morning:

First, you know those mirrors that are tilted in just a way that you look 5 lbs thinner? This is one of them. Obviously by my outfit you can tell that I was up and at em this morning. I was ready to put a good 5-7 miles on my treadmill.


I was going to the sweater sale at Old Navy. All sweaters 75% off. Sometimes I like to dress like I work out. Fool the masses. Actually, I always hope that maybe dressing like I am going to work out will lead to a work out. Which is hilarious. In reality I came home and changed into these.

Next topic.
In an effort to start eating somewhat healthier we had whole wheat spaghetti and turkey meatballs for dinner. And sometimes I like to take the easy way out so I feed my fam frozen meatballs. They remind me of high school. Anyway, I had a really good idea tonight if I do say so myself. Instead of cooking them on a cookie sheet and having them roll all over I did this.

That is a mini muffin pan. So smart right??? I know. And I will say that the boys love frozen meatballs. Blake ate 4 and Lo ate 2. I am half assing all my meals this week. Thursday will more than make up for it, and Saturday too. We get two Thanksgivings. We are lucky.

In other weekend news Logan's been really miserable lately. real-ly miserable. He has moments where he is happy, but generally he is only happy if he is doing something he isn't supposed to be doing and as soon as we move him or tell him no or he gets in "trouble" he screams and thrashes his body on the ground. Its a good time. Here are some of the few and far between "happy" moments with Logan today.

Ha ha I love this last one. Note that Logan's shirt is SATURATED. He is still drooling a ton. I don't know, maybe he is getting more teeth. But he is a 3 shirt a day kind of kid. A kid who refuses to wear a bib. Also, he is only happy because he is in the kitchen cabinets... Oh Lo lo...

This boy.

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  1. Mirror or not, you look really good, Ashley!