Wednesday Tweets

I want to start twittering.
This is why.
Sometimes I will have the most random thought.
and it will be funny
real funny
to me at least
I will literally LOL. (Is that an OK way to use the word literally?
Pretty much anything this guy says is law to me. And I don't even know him.
But he feels like this about it. It's kind of like the word epic. Not everything is epic)

Anyway I also like direct quotes. And Logan just looks at me funny when I say things like
"Were fiance's now Gary" in my southern twang.
But I know some of you would know just what I mean. and you would be like...
"Ohhhhh Amber.... Get it together".

So do you think I should do it?
Or do you think that is completely narcissistic???
tweet. tweet. tweet.
tweet. tweet.
Okay I'm done now.

And here is something fun I just made up...
Here are some quotes from some of my favorite people.
Maybe even you.
One of these is even Stink's.
I bet you can't guess which one.
Lets play. Comment if you dare.


"I wonder if there are any good funerals today"

"What did you stick a pencil in your ear?" (this one might be slightly off)

"You. Go that way."

"It smells like wet dirt out here"

"No Mom. You are disgusting"

"Hallelujah holler back"

"We have really been blessed with good weather lately... haha I just said blessed."

I think I'm keeping my Scentsy party open a bit longer too.
Your welcome.
Order here

Ughhhhhhhhhh If I had twitter I would have just tweeted
"I sleep clown"
Cam is the man.


  1. No, don't tweet. I'm not on there. I can't get hooked on something else! Just update Random things to fb. I love your quotes section from this blog. I'm pretty sure I said Sttttttooooooooppppp!!!
    Peace out earthling.

  2. haha!
    One of them is yours.
    But not that one....
    Look again :)

  3. I think it was "what did you eat a pencil?" when dad claimed he had lead poisoning right? He was really just hungover and didn't want us to call him out on it, right?