What a morning

Remember that cute collage I made of me and my boys this morning??
I thought we were gearing up for a pretty smooth morning when I made that collage.
But usually when things are going too smooth a bump in the road is coming up.
Here is what that bump looked like today...
I brought Blakey to school and we got right into the routine

- jacket off
- folder out and in the bin
- kisses and goodbyes
- Blake goes to the carpet and plays
- I head out

Except for today I looked over at the carpet and Blakey Boys bottom lip was quivering. So I asked him what was wrong and he started to cry and tell me he didn't want to stay at school. So I got down on my knees hugged him and did what any good parent would do. I started to cry too.

In my head I was thinking pulllll it together Ash, this is surely not helping anyone or anything; especially your street cred... stop crying. stop. stop. But I couldn't stop so my friend Heather came over and tried to help the puddle that was taking over the colored carpet squares. But it didn't work. So she headed out...

I then decided it was really really time to go, school was starting, I was making a FOOL of myself and I was not helping Blake at all. So I pushed him away from me and made a dash to the door. And the he followed me crying "Mommmmyyyyy" and then his teacher followed him out. And when she asked me if anything had happened before school today, I whimpered "no, nothing" and sprinted out of the building....

I was so happy when 11:30 came today. Just to make sure he was okay. and he was just fine. My little Stink. So grateful for his awesome teachers for taking care of him today when I was not doing the best job of getting him settled.

 Love this guy <3

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  1. I absolutely think we should be bloggy BFFS ;) You are the cutest thing under the moon...and your boys are adorable as well! So glad I found you...can't wait to keep reading more :)