2011... 2012

2012 is seriously creeping. I feel like this new year came out of no where. 2011 was a good year, hell it was a great year, but it flew by fast. A few highlights...

Our wedding.

Longfellow's, Saratoga New York

We celebrated Blake's 3rd birthday and Logan's 1st. Birthdays are just as much milestones for parents as they are for kids. A deep breath of relief that we made it through another year with Blake and our first with Logan. That Michael and I were able to come together and raise these boys the best we could and we are all still here to tell the tale. Sometimes I think, and I am pretty sure Michael would agree with me, that in itself is nothing short of a miracle. 

We went on a family vacation. Consisting of day one rain storm, ocean swimming, sand castles, coconut coffees and carousal rides.

 RIP Michael's smart phone

Someone graduated to big boy in September when Blake started pre-school. Nursery school has been nothing but wonderful for our boy.  

It was a super hero kind of Halloween....

We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. I won't share anymore pictures from Christmas though. I feel like I have shared enough of those. Christmas overload.

This is why 2012 stresses me out a bit. Because 2011 was a pretty fabulous year. We have so much to be thankful for moving into 2012. Our health, healthy boys, wonderful family, jobs, the best friends, a house Michael has transformed into a home for us.

But I will not allow myself to go into 2012 stressed out and waiting for bad things to happen because 2011 was so good. It seems extra ridiculous now that I have typed it. I will go in awaiting big things. Pushing myself to make things happen. Maintaining a pro-active attitude and working to be a better me. I know that I made a whole post of resolutions yesterday but I think this year I want to focus on finding what I am really passionate about and exploring. Enjoying my family more. Worrying about things that don't really matter less.

Oh, and I want to start being in more pictures. I was a pro at this in high school and college. I had the Myspace pose mastered. I have totally fallen off since having kids. But no more. I will embrace the camera with my family, my friends, anyone and everyone! I will make the people that I love get in front of the lens with me. There are memories to be made!


Resolution time!!

New years resolutions suck. But you know what I'm going to make some anyway... why the hell not? And if I keep a few then good for me. Here we go!

1. Wash my face every night. I was informed this prevents wrinkles. And I already have wrinkles.

2. Pay down debt. Michael and I have a pretty decent plan in place to get this done. Side note: Do you know that an Old Navy credit card has an APR of 24.99%. They should be ashamed of themselves.

3.Practice patience. Get my Carl Winslow on... 3.2.1, 1.2.3. what the heck is bothering me?
Seriously though. Deep breaths and remembering to pick my battles.

 4.Be a better employee. Working from home can be annoying. Lots of distractions.
Especially 2 boys and a husband.

5. Learn this camera. Learn everything I can about it.

6. Continue working on my 30 before 30 list

7. Keep working on becoming a better person. In every way.To continue evolving for the better.

8. Keep up my blog. I love this public journal. It means so much that I will have all these memories saved. It has been about 8 months now and I have more documented on this blog then I have anywhere else for my kids. This blog was the best idea.

9. Stop over thinking everything. Some things just are what they are.This is a big one.

10. Start trusting my judgement. I seriously need a second opinion for everything. Even the dumbest shit. Should I buy this gift bag or this one? Paint my nails this color or this color? Is this a good idea? Would you do this? It's just annoying.

So there we have it. I could probably write 10 more but this is a good start.

Cheers to a wonderful new year. I can only hope that 2012 is as good to me and my family as 2011 was.

Christmas Recap

I was going to go over all three Christmases in separate posts. But now three days later I don't feel like it. I have new years resolutions to make. Sooooo instead lets run down all my favorite things about Christmas this year:

1) The boys
Nothing like watching a 3 year old jump up and down when he realizes that Santa has visited his house. We videotaped it all. The jumping up and down, the excitement over everything. Everything. The thankfulness. Blake said "THANK YOU SANTA!" after almost every present. Logan walked around with a candy cane full of peanut butter cups and opened presents when he felt like it. They wore matching pajamas, took turns opening gifts, were happy about everything. It was perfect.

2) The surprises
Christmas Eve Michael wanted me to open one of my presents. It was the Canon Rebel t2i. He said he was sick of me bitching about my other camera. He's so sweet. I am in love with this camera. I had no idea what I was missing until I took my first pictures. Let me tell you, this camera is honest. I attempted a "myspace pic" of myself and was immediately disgusted. Thank God for Picasa. ew.
Christmas morning I gave Michael a shirt box filled with tissue paper and a wrapped Ipad2. I don't think I have seen him without it since he opened that box. And honestly that is what I wanted. To get him a present I knew he would love without him knowing. Everyone needs a surprise sometimes. Especially since he is always bitching that I am a bad gift giver ( I may have a checkered past when it comes to Michael and gift giving).

3) The friends and family
Christmas Eve with Michael's parents, Christmas morning with all our friends up here, Christmas dinner and a sleepover with my parents, my sister and the dogs. It was just enough. My Mom told me about how on her way up here they stopped at a rest stop or something and a woman got out of her car in  a velvet sleeveless dress with gloves and tall boots. Ummmm not only does that outfit sound awful, but more than that I feel like Christmas is about being comfortable. Jeans, sweats, whatever works.
And of course if you ask Blake "Christmas is about giving and spending time with family" (quote c/o Johnny Test Christmas).

4) The food
Roasts, garlic mashed potatoes, cheesecake, waffles, cinnamon buns, bacon, candy, cookies, ziti, more cheesecake. Oh and my favorite the homemade Texas Roadhouse butter (1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup conf.sugar, 1/2 cup honey, 1 tsp ground cinnamon) Go make it now. Don't eat it with a spoon though. Remember its butter.

5) The presents

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I had a Christmas hangover Monday and decided last night to take all the decorations down. A detox. Yesterday, the tree got replaced with our new grocery store. Already planning some living room changes. New furniture, new picture wall....

Onto making plans for 2012.

Just a few more pictures from our Christmas celebration...


Christmas 2011...

Christmas was good. So good.

I don't know if I can sum it all up into one post. The living room floor is covered in Batman and Toy Story figurines and things. We now have a grocery store in our living room and the boys are decked out in new pajamas.

Christmas was good to Mom and Dad this year too. Michael had me open a special present on Christmas Eve which happened to be a Canon Rebel. Scratch another off my before 30 list. Christmas morning Santa brought Michael the IPad2. IPad wrapped in a shirt box wrapped in tissue paper. It was special. So special upon opening it he said "you son of a bitch". Lol. And its all on camera. Christmas memories.

We really had 3 Christmases. Christmas Eve with GeGe and Poppy, Christmas morning from Santa & a breakfast with friends, and Christmas night with Mema and Poppa. Kids are lucky. and so spoiled.

Today we are getting back into the swing of things. Almost all the Christmas decorations are down, except the tree. Because the build up is huge but when its done its done. Errands await. But I'll write more later. In the mean time enjoy these....


The Grinch has left thebuilding

Things are great. I was right about that Christmas party. If you don't get into Christmas after watching twelve 3 and 4 year olds with Santa Claus than you are outta luck.
I wish I had a video camera for when Santa walked into the classroom. Blake was so excited...He is always a pretty animated kid but when he's excited.... forget it.... 12 out of 10.

He told Santa his favorite vegetable was waffles and his favorite cookie was Rocco (that's the name of his Zhu Zhu pet). He told Santa he wanted a bat cave for Christmas and when he opened his gift (a big match box car) he said and I quote "hey, this is not a bat cave... Is there a bat cave under here".
It was funny.

The next two days are going to be crazy and I can't wait!

Merry Christmas!!!

Preschool party picture overload.....

Quick pic of Blake and Mom before the party

Reese and Blake

 Santa just walked in.... Let the craziness begin!!

 The kids were going crazy...
 Waiting kind of patiently

 Insert thought box over head.... "say Blake, say Blake"

 Right before the bat cave confusion began

 One more of Blake and Santa

getting their Jingle Bells on


fa blah blah blah blah


You know what I get every single season? A big FAT cold sore. Every f*#$%^g season. since high school. This botch woke me up while I was sleeping last night to let me know she was on her way out. I wanted to itch my nose off. I guess she wanted to celebrate the holidays with me. Oh and I checked. Winter starts tomorrow. Made her appearance a day early. Pretty much like clock work.
I tried to take a picture, but no one wants to see it. Trust me.

Tomorrow is Blake's Christmas party at school. I found this snowman picture and thought it would be so cute and easy and the kids would like them.

Super easy. 3 ingredients. Well I got the wrong size donuts and chocolate chips and the candy corn I bought were yellow and white tipped. They came out more like this... well exactly like this.

So bootleg. I am oozing with annoyance that they are all wrong. But I refuse to make new. Whatever.
Besides the giant cold sore and the stupid snowman I almost lost it today when I carried Blake to his room for a time out and he kicked me in the crotch. On top of that Logan is climbing on everything. everything. I'm pretty sure he could scale a mountain gear free and make it to the top.

Tis the season to be jolly fa la la la la...
Dashing through the snow....
It's the most wonderful time of the year...

nope. not feeling it right now.

We are losing Christmas spirit at a rapid rate.... Maybe tomorrow's Christmas pajama pre-school party will bring some back.

Now if you don't mind I have a growth under my nose to attend to.



Mom's a pain in the ass.

That might be what Blake climbed into our bed and said to Michael after we got into a slight disagreement (interpret that how you choose) about scheduling working/work out schedules this week.
I don't think I have ever heard Michael laugh so hard in my life, and when he came out and told me what Blake said to him I almost got a time out for peeing my pants. So funny.

I have not completely abandoned my "before Christmas list". But I am doing things when I feel like it. Per usual. We might make wreath cookies tonight buttttt we also might lay around watching the Flintstones Christmas shows I DVR'd this morning. We will see how I feel.

Christmas randoms going on in this house you ask?

Have you ever heard of the Talking Tom app?? It's basically a cartoon cat that repeats everything you say in his voice. Well there is a Talking Santa app too. I have heard Santa say "The Jokes on you Batman ha ha ha" about 20 times in the past two days.

I am obsessed with cheesy Christmas movies. We get the Hallmark Channel for free this month and I cannot turn it off. Except when they aren't playing Christmas movies. Then I'm out...

One of the best things about living where I do? in Peru. The firetrucks drive down the street all lit up for Christmas. Snowmen on the back, blinking lights, Santa. It is the best. Last night they drove down and we couldn't get outside fast enough. So we watched them from the window. Then I we looked out the window and listened for them for anther hour trying to will them to come back down the street so we could run outside and wave and scream and they could honk (?) their horns at us... Christmas magic.

Last night I attempted to get some pictures of the boys in their Christmas Jams. Here is how that went down....

 On the count of three say
"No Christmas this year!"
Just kidding I would never say that...
But I may as well have ....  Blake's face looks like a future mug shot.
and LoLo looks like I should sleep with one eye open.
Oh Dear Lord.
 My personal favorite

Michael and I got our Christmas present from Blake today. We would have waited to open it but when we heard "Its an ornament!!!!!"  we forewent the Christmas rule and opened our gift.

We love.


Christmas Countdown Day 4.... Written on Day 5


You know those days when it is 6 at night but it feels like 11?? That was yesterday and my commitment level to my Christmas list was seriously lacking. Lucky for us we had our usual 630 AM wake up call (c/o Logan) and had plenty of time to do something on the list before we went to our birthday party.

So we made a snowman. It was a group effort but I have to say after the body was made Blake took the creative reins and I was just doing what I was told (which was mostly him instructing me not to touch things). This was the first time Blake has used scissors with me. His fine motor skills are good to go.

Lolo was on hand for snowman making moral support and to let out an unnecessary pterodactyl scream whenever the mood struck (insert my nails on a chalkboard face here)

Dirty peppermint Oreo face
Those things make even the cleanest kids look like they were digging in garbage cans

Captain America has been making all kinds of appearances lately
at the dollar store
making snowman
walking out of his bedroom this morning

Logan loves any chance to get his photo taken.
His usual "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" face did not accompany this photo.
Call it a Christmas miracle.

Final product!
Blake named him Frosty.
He did make him those awesome shoes,
a white bell (down by said shoes),
and that baby carrot nose.

On a separate note I highly recommend going to The Dollar Store and buying a ton of random craft stuff. Then whipping it out right before your 3 year old is about to transform into that crazy I haven't taken a nap today and it is 5PM and I am either going to take a nap and be up all night or destroy the house monster.

  crisis averted!!!

And for anyone wondering about our good elf friend Jeff...