2011... 2012

2012 is seriously creeping. I feel like this new year came out of no where. 2011 was a good year, hell it was a great year, but it flew by fast. A few highlights...

Our wedding.

Longfellow's, Saratoga New York

We celebrated Blake's 3rd birthday and Logan's 1st. Birthdays are just as much milestones for parents as they are for kids. A deep breath of relief that we made it through another year with Blake and our first with Logan. That Michael and I were able to come together and raise these boys the best we could and we are all still here to tell the tale. Sometimes I think, and I am pretty sure Michael would agree with me, that in itself is nothing short of a miracle. 

We went on a family vacation. Consisting of day one rain storm, ocean swimming, sand castles, coconut coffees and carousal rides.

 RIP Michael's smart phone

Someone graduated to big boy in September when Blake started pre-school. Nursery school has been nothing but wonderful for our boy.  

It was a super hero kind of Halloween....

We had a great Thanksgiving and Christmas as well. I won't share anymore pictures from Christmas though. I feel like I have shared enough of those. Christmas overload.

This is why 2012 stresses me out a bit. Because 2011 was a pretty fabulous year. We have so much to be thankful for moving into 2012. Our health, healthy boys, wonderful family, jobs, the best friends, a house Michael has transformed into a home for us.

But I will not allow myself to go into 2012 stressed out and waiting for bad things to happen because 2011 was so good. It seems extra ridiculous now that I have typed it. I will go in awaiting big things. Pushing myself to make things happen. Maintaining a pro-active attitude and working to be a better me. I know that I made a whole post of resolutions yesterday but I think this year I want to focus on finding what I am really passionate about and exploring. Enjoying my family more. Worrying about things that don't really matter less.

Oh, and I want to start being in more pictures. I was a pro at this in high school and college. I had the Myspace pose mastered. I have totally fallen off since having kids. But no more. I will embrace the camera with my family, my friends, anyone and everyone! I will make the people that I love get in front of the lens with me. There are memories to be made!


  1. Such a beautiful bride you were! And such precious boys you have :)

    xo Shane

  2. Way cute pictures! Sounds like you had a pretty darn near perfect 2011, thats awesome! 2012 will be GREAT! Your boys are adorable! Found your blog through the link up over at Casey Weigands : )

  3. eventful and fun ! Happy New year! I am your newest follower from the hop..pls follow back if you can.