Mom's a pain in the ass.

That might be what Blake climbed into our bed and said to Michael after we got into a slight disagreement (interpret that how you choose) about scheduling working/work out schedules this week.
I don't think I have ever heard Michael laugh so hard in my life, and when he came out and told me what Blake said to him I almost got a time out for peeing my pants. So funny.

I have not completely abandoned my "before Christmas list". But I am doing things when I feel like it. Per usual. We might make wreath cookies tonight buttttt we also might lay around watching the Flintstones Christmas shows I DVR'd this morning. We will see how I feel.

Christmas randoms going on in this house you ask?

Have you ever heard of the Talking Tom app?? It's basically a cartoon cat that repeats everything you say in his voice. Well there is a Talking Santa app too. I have heard Santa say "The Jokes on you Batman ha ha ha" about 20 times in the past two days.

I am obsessed with cheesy Christmas movies. We get the Hallmark Channel for free this month and I cannot turn it off. Except when they aren't playing Christmas movies. Then I'm out...

One of the best things about living where I do? in Peru. The firetrucks drive down the street all lit up for Christmas. Snowmen on the back, blinking lights, Santa. It is the best. Last night they drove down and we couldn't get outside fast enough. So we watched them from the window. Then I we looked out the window and listened for them for anther hour trying to will them to come back down the street so we could run outside and wave and scream and they could honk (?) their horns at us... Christmas magic.

Last night I attempted to get some pictures of the boys in their Christmas Jams. Here is how that went down....

 On the count of three say
"No Christmas this year!"
Just kidding I would never say that...
But I may as well have ....  Blake's face looks like a future mug shot.
and LoLo looks like I should sleep with one eye open.
Oh Dear Lord.
 My personal favorite

Michael and I got our Christmas present from Blake today. We would have waited to open it but when we heard "Its an ornament!!!!!"  we forewent the Christmas rule and opened our gift.

We love.

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  1. Lets set the record straight. I did not say anything about mom being a pain in the ass.(He didnt hear it from me). Second of all he looked at me and said " My mom is pain in the ass". and yes i died laughing