Christmas Countdown Day 4.... Written on Day 5


You know those days when it is 6 at night but it feels like 11?? That was yesterday and my commitment level to my Christmas list was seriously lacking. Lucky for us we had our usual 630 AM wake up call (c/o Logan) and had plenty of time to do something on the list before we went to our birthday party.

So we made a snowman. It was a group effort but I have to say after the body was made Blake took the creative reins and I was just doing what I was told (which was mostly him instructing me not to touch things). This was the first time Blake has used scissors with me. His fine motor skills are good to go.

Lolo was on hand for snowman making moral support and to let out an unnecessary pterodactyl scream whenever the mood struck (insert my nails on a chalkboard face here)

Dirty peppermint Oreo face
Those things make even the cleanest kids look like they were digging in garbage cans

Captain America has been making all kinds of appearances lately
at the dollar store
making snowman
walking out of his bedroom this morning

Logan loves any chance to get his photo taken.
His usual "cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" face did not accompany this photo.
Call it a Christmas miracle.

Final product!
Blake named him Frosty.
He did make him those awesome shoes,
a white bell (down by said shoes),
and that baby carrot nose.

On a separate note I highly recommend going to The Dollar Store and buying a ton of random craft stuff. Then whipping it out right before your 3 year old is about to transform into that crazy I haven't taken a nap today and it is 5PM and I am either going to take a nap and be up all night or destroy the house monster.

  crisis averted!!!

And for anyone wondering about our good elf friend Jeff...

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