Christmas memories then and now

Being a memory keeper is serious business to me for so many reasons... Especially this time of year.

Thinking back I have so many Christmas memories from my childhood, right now I am going back to Christmas morning, when we were really little in our first house. My sister and I would get up so early tip toe into our parents bedroom and ask my Dad to check if Santa has been to our house yet. He would tell us to wait at the top of the stairs, peak over the ledge and tell us Santa hadn't. Then he would send us back to bed and we would do it all over again a little while later.
When we were older and knew better, Laura and I would still get up really early, we would cuddle up in one of our beds (probably hers as I pretty much had a toddler bed until college) and wait until what we considered to be a reasonable hour and go wake up our parents. Ask me what I got for Christmas most years and I couldn't even tell you, but I remember the important stuff. And that is what I know Michael and I want to give to our boys.
Memories being created this year include...

Our Christmas count down or advent calender... Porter boys love chocolate and when the boxes come out these boys come running.

Jeff... Blake searches high and low for him every morning... and when he finds him he screams for me to come see (so loud that some mornings he wakes up Lolo)

Christmas books... We have an abundance and this year's favorite is by far Santa's New Suit...
We read this book so much Blake knows the words and reads it with me.

And tonight we created another memory. I know one year they aren't going to want to celebrate Christmas everyday of December with me, but for now I will soak it up because a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do...  Tonight included hand print ornaments... (2 cups flour, 1/2 cup salt, 3/4 cup water, mix, knead and roll, smush little hands into dough and bake at 325 for 1 hour)

Well aware how filthy these pictures make my windows look. Windexing entire house was just added to my Tomorrow to do list.

Speaking of memories, remember Snoopy from yesterday?? I let Blake take him to bed and when I went to check on him this is what I found...

They both love Snoopy. Blake says he looks like my parents dog Ry Ry.
and even dogs need a good night rest.
Good call on providing Snoop with some good reading material before bed.

Lastly, we took a trip to Michael's and got these little trees for 50% off.
Perfect for the dining room. Very simple.

Completely unrelated note, I had to remind myself all day that it was only Monday.
I had Tuesday on the brain.

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