Christmas tree and Jeff

Today was better than yesterday...

Michael was off so that made the day better.

Blake cried when I dropped him off at school today. It wasn't any easier than last time. I came thisclose to saying F it and letting him come home with me. Until the teacher came over and saved the day. She sat him on her lap whispered something in his ear and just like that he was all better. Pre-school teachers are magic.

We picked him up and went to get our Christmas tree. I am getting my money's worth out of this tree. When we were picking it out the sweet old lady selling them (also cutting them and picking them up like they were made of cardboard) told me that she has kept her tree up until February in the past. Yeah right. I am done by the 29th. And that's a stretch. I like it down before the new year.
Anyway we searched high and low, near and far, here there and everywhere for like 15 minutes and then decided that we would just get a pre-cut. $70 later my house smells like Christmas and the colored lights are up. (on a side note I moved my couch to ensure that the tree would fit and found what I would say was a piece of 3 month old banana stuck to the rug).

On our way

that Wolverine has been lost about 8 or 9 times since its been purchased.
We bought it yesterday.
He took a nap with it today.

  Dad and his boys

 I kind of wanted to buy one of these little trees too.
Blake has a fake little tree on his dresser bit it doesn't smell like pine.

 3 pictures of Mom. All came out blegh. Blake liked the hot chocolate.
Logan was in the car throwing a fit at this point. He was asleep 4 seconds after we pulled out of the driveway.

That's all for tonight.
Trying to find my blog motivation...
Add that to the list of all the other things I am trying to find motivation for....
I'm getting there though. I will dominate the conclusion of 2011...

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