I forgot that I wrote about Jeff in my title post yesterday.
And then I never explained anything about him...

Meet Jeff:

Last year his name was Christmas. When I read the book to him this year Blake said his name was Jeff. So I am filling out the last page of the book for some permenance. I honestly thought Jeff would be much more helpful in our ongoing manipulation for good behavior.

Sometimes Blake will walk past and give him the finger.

Okay thats not true. But he might as well for all the fits he throws right in front of the thing.

I have some questions for the creators of the Elf on a Shelf that werent covered in the book.
What do you do if your elf falls on the ground and your 3 year old knows not to touch it but your one year old runs over and scoops him up. Now all his magic is gone right? 

What happens if your kids go to bed, wake up and the elf hasnt moved? Why would he go to the North Pole and fly right back to where he was sitting the previous day?
Why doesnt Jeff have feet?
I think there should have been a guide for parents enclosed...

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  1. I think if our elf fell, I would use an oven mitt or pot holder to pick him it. It would def. protect his magic :)