On the 3rd day of Christmas...


Tried to scratch something off the list today and it went like this.
Blake Logan and I enter the dollar store.
Blake was going to pick gifts out for 14 people and a few dogs.
Blake runs around like a lunatic with the American Flag singing God Bless America or something of that nature.
Logan stands up in the cart while I am walking around and there is almost a sequel to our Michael's debacle.(stupid Dollar store strap free cart).
I quit shopping.
I walk around putting the 7 or so items I planned to purchase back where I found them.
We exit dollar store promptly.
We drive to Target.
Blake picks out 4 presents (2 of them being for the dogs that will be spending Christmas with us)
I buy a pack of peppermint Oreos and give Logan two as we walk around Target killing time.
By the time I pay he looks like he has been sucking blood as the cream in peppermint Oreos is red.
We drive home.
Blake takes a 4 second nap in the car.
Shopping trip over
Dollar spot shopping was a bust.
Can't win them all.

We had a good day besides that though. I had my reverse mullet tended to. Blake had a morning play date and a night play date.He didn't take a nap and was super whiny... I don't know about anyone else but I love when that happens. Logan passed out at his usual 7PM bedtime... Love that boy.

After both boys are sleeping I decided to eat some of those vampire Oreos. After the 6th one I say to myself out loud "Thatll do pig. Thatll do." Then I laugh and was immediately disgusted at my poor choice.

Here are some pictures from our day :)

 Playdough cookies, ice cream and pizza... yum!


                                                           Logan's ready for bed face

I think its funny that both play dates look exactly the same. Can you guess where I keep my camera?

Happy weekend everyone. Celebrating one of our favorite 4 year old birthday's this weekend and a kid free ON shopping trip scheduled for Sunday :)

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