Resolution time!!

New years resolutions suck. But you know what I'm going to make some anyway... why the hell not? And if I keep a few then good for me. Here we go!

1. Wash my face every night. I was informed this prevents wrinkles. And I already have wrinkles.

2. Pay down debt. Michael and I have a pretty decent plan in place to get this done. Side note: Do you know that an Old Navy credit card has an APR of 24.99%. They should be ashamed of themselves.

3.Practice patience. Get my Carl Winslow on... 3.2.1, 1.2.3. what the heck is bothering me?
Seriously though. Deep breaths and remembering to pick my battles.

 4.Be a better employee. Working from home can be annoying. Lots of distractions.
Especially 2 boys and a husband.

5. Learn this camera. Learn everything I can about it.

6. Continue working on my 30 before 30 list

7. Keep working on becoming a better person. In every way.To continue evolving for the better.

8. Keep up my blog. I love this public journal. It means so much that I will have all these memories saved. It has been about 8 months now and I have more documented on this blog then I have anywhere else for my kids. This blog was the best idea.

9. Stop over thinking everything. Some things just are what they are.This is a big one.

10. Start trusting my judgement. I seriously need a second opinion for everything. Even the dumbest shit. Should I buy this gift bag or this one? Paint my nails this color or this color? Is this a good idea? Would you do this? It's just annoying.

So there we have it. I could probably write 10 more but this is a good start.

Cheers to a wonderful new year. I can only hope that 2012 is as good to me and my family as 2011 was.


  1. Good List!!! You pointed out some things I should add to my list....

    Cheers to 2012!


  2. Love your list. I need to work on practicing patience too, especially at work. And the overthinking...I'm with you there, too. :-) We paid down our debt a couple of years ago so we could buy a new house, and it is so worth it. It really is sickening how they can have such high interest rates!