Throwback. Where I learned the truth about Santa

I think I was in the 4th or 5th grade when I learned about Santa Claus. I came home and asked my mom if the rumors I was hearing at school were true and she laid it out for me. hard. And then I sat on the dining room stairs and cried.... The injustice of it all. I remember wanting to kick my mom in the leg...I actually don't remember that nor do I condone kicking anyone or anything (except alarm clocks. Am I right Laur? hiiiiiiiiiiii yahhhhhhhhh!) but I was really bummed and Christmas really did lose its magic. Until I had kids of course. Now its back. Until I crush their dreams in 7 to 10 years.

Anywho.... On with the throwback...

Getting our groove on @ the family Christmas party
I was probably 5 here

The year I got a Mickey Mouse camera for Christmas.
It came with those separate flashes.
I took a lot of pictures that year. This is the only one not ruined in the flood... Little Shana.
So many quality photos destroyed.

Christmas morning.
I remember that was my pile on the left.
That big box on the bottom was my portable CD player...
Please take note of that TV
Also the size of my mother's stocking...
Little people. Little stockings.

 Mad River... 2004 maybe. Danielle asked the bartender to take his sweater off so she could get some pictures in it.  and yes it was a he in that Christmas gem.
RIP Mad River. Gone but never forgotten.
I don't think she wanted to give the sweater back.

Last one
Look at this Little Christmas Bubby!

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