Back from Thanksgiving Blah.

This is not the post that I wanted to come back from my Thanksgiving trip and write. I wanted to write about how great Thanksgiving was, how we watched the Macy's Day Parade and Logan busted out dancing at every Broadway performance, how when Spider man came on Blake looked like I had put him on pause he was in such a trance, and how my sister and I Black Friday shopped at Macy's for like 10 minutes. How I went out to dinner with my friends from high school Friday night and had so much fun bullshitting. Oh man did I need that night out.

Those are all the things I wanted to write about. In detail. But I instead have decided to write about today. About how Logan woke up at 5 AM and Blake at 5:45. How I decided to wake up on the right side of the bed anyway and make cinnamon rolls. How we broke out the glitter and made Christmas pictures and watched Curious George Christmas after breakfast. How I decorated for Christmas while the boys played downstairs not to Christmas Carols but to Beyblade Beyblade let it rip.
How everything was pretty much smooth sailing until nap time. As many days do.

Down hill. Fast. Every time Blake has to go to bed/nap now he runs out of the room like 8-10 times. No lie. He comes out for water or to go to the bathroom or to tell me I am mean, to whisper random things in my ear. By about the 3rd time I am completely over it. Its not cute, its annoying. And it pushes me to my limit.

And now I am going to be honest. I say things that I should not say. I yell louder than I should, I feel my heart rate increase and my blood pressure go up. I needed a mommy time out. The thing is this boy's feathers weren't ruffled at all. I don't know if it is because I yell so much it doesn't even faze him. and if this is the case than I am embarrassed. Or its that he just really does not give a shit. I don't know which one is worse.

I walk out of his room and into the kitchen feeling like such a loser. Because I should be able to keep it together. I should be able to control my voice when dealing with a three year old. (Side note- I would love to hear other parenting horror stories. Make me feel normal)

But today I couldn't. So I will make sure tomorrow is better.

I even broke out the big dog today... the elf on the shelf. More on that story tomorrow.

Also Portable North Pole is up and running. Just in case anyone else is milking the whole Santa Claus thing for all that he's worth....

Check it out here. Last year Blake watched it 178 times in a row.


25 old things

OK so one of my favorite blogs is Living in Yellow and in her last post she wrote this. I saw it and thought it would be a good idea to write my own. But I'm lazy today. And I don't want to.
then I remembered that I already did it. On January 27, 2009. I am not editing any of it. So enjoy.

Share Rules:
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

2. AND MICHAEL!!! I am so happy he is coming home so I dont have to be the only one changing diapers anymore..
3. My job is stressful sometimes.. I work with fun people so they make it okay. "Hallelujah Holla back!"
4. I could probably eat pizza everyday
5. Im not buying Uggs anymore. I love them but I dont take care of them so they are a waste of money to me. Go Union Bay!
6. I love quoting my Dad... "What if I dont like it... then I dont have nothing"... "this channel should be called losers cause its for losers" Bahahahahahhahaaa
7. I love that my boyfriend seriously loves Smallville and BattleStar Gallactica... It gives him character ;)... See you Thursday
8. I wish Ana lived closer so we could cause trouble the way we used too... But in a more mature way of course, I am a mother now.
9. Its a lot harder to balance being a good Mom and good friend than I thought it was going to be... I hope my friends know Im doing my best!! Public apology***
10. Another favorite quote... " I wonder if there were any good funerals today" hahahhahahahaha
11. Target Target Target
12. I'm glad Blakey has a "best fweind" already... Lil' Bwayden :)
13. Kohls Kohls Kohls
14. Sometimes Laura and I can just look at each other and start laughing...
15. I want to be tan and have nice hair and nice clothes again. But Im too tired (eh hem) lazy
16. I WANT A NEW CAR!!!!
17. I get so mad and annoyed with the Fly Morning Rush EVERY MORNING but I cant stop listening!
Damn you Bryan Cody!
18. I think everyone should have to sit through one of Elijah's shows... He is HiLArioUs!!!! WAhhhhhhhhh
19. Family is super important and I would pack you all up and take you to the Burgh with me if Icould... But I know you would hate it... so I wont.
20. I have this Friday off... Suckerssssssssssssss
21. Mcdonalds! Mcdonalds! (Circa 1991 in Mazda Protege)
22. I love hamburgers but wont even try steak...
23. One time Michael pushed me off the bed.. and I fell... and it was like on tv... and it was hilarious
24. Blake will be 1 so sooon!!! I cant deal with it
25. I hate Kid Rock

good stuff right.... and because this little guy wasn't even a thought. He needs at least a pic.

We understand each other :)

Happy Monday!!!

Scentsy Party Closes at the end of the week my friends....
Go visit Diana here....

Buy something for someone who would never expect it and make their day :)


Some Sunday snippets

I just tried to change my background to something a little more festive.
For some reason nothing happened at all. Boo.
Oh well. I guess this is what we will be working with for awhile.
I will put a picture of a snowman in my sidebar and consider it done.

This is me this morning:

First, you know those mirrors that are tilted in just a way that you look 5 lbs thinner? This is one of them. Obviously by my outfit you can tell that I was up and at em this morning. I was ready to put a good 5-7 miles on my treadmill.


I was going to the sweater sale at Old Navy. All sweaters 75% off. Sometimes I like to dress like I work out. Fool the masses. Actually, I always hope that maybe dressing like I am going to work out will lead to a work out. Which is hilarious. In reality I came home and changed into these.

Next topic.
In an effort to start eating somewhat healthier we had whole wheat spaghetti and turkey meatballs for dinner. And sometimes I like to take the easy way out so I feed my fam frozen meatballs. They remind me of high school. Anyway, I had a really good idea tonight if I do say so myself. Instead of cooking them on a cookie sheet and having them roll all over I did this.

That is a mini muffin pan. So smart right??? I know. And I will say that the boys love frozen meatballs. Blake ate 4 and Lo ate 2. I am half assing all my meals this week. Thursday will more than make up for it, and Saturday too. We get two Thanksgivings. We are lucky.

In other weekend news Logan's been really miserable lately. real-ly miserable. He has moments where he is happy, but generally he is only happy if he is doing something he isn't supposed to be doing and as soon as we move him or tell him no or he gets in "trouble" he screams and thrashes his body on the ground. Its a good time. Here are some of the few and far between "happy" moments with Logan today.

Ha ha I love this last one. Note that Logan's shirt is SATURATED. He is still drooling a ton. I don't know, maybe he is getting more teeth. But he is a 3 shirt a day kind of kid. A kid who refuses to wear a bib. Also, he is only happy because he is in the kitchen cabinets... Oh Lo lo...

This boy.


Throw back thursday is backkkkkkkk

Ask and you shall receive.
Especially you Laura.
My sister.
My sister who says:"you need to bring Throwback Thursday back"
My sister who thinks it would be a good idea for me to join her at Planet Fitness at 5AM on Thanksgiving
My sister with impeccable style if I do say so myself
My sister who Blake mistakes me for when he sees pictures of me with blonde hair
My sister, no one makes me laugh harder or quieter (I am the silent laugh type... )
My sister who went on a date with Jason Mraz (kinda)

My sister who loved a sheep

Who doesn't really seem to be enjoying this clown that much

Who was never afraid to strut her stuff. (Random story: One time my elementary school art teacher was going door to door because he was running for mayor or something and while he was in the living room talking to my mom, my sister came out (all of maybe 7 years old) in nothing but a towel singing "you make me feel like a natural woman" or some song about being a woman. She did not know he was there. She was so embarrassed. I remember being 9 and probably peeing my pants.

My sister who apparently always had Ram pride...

 Who embraced her bowl cut. Like our feather bangs?? (Stupid Avon pink brush)

Please note how short this skirt was... and how red my face was.... ew

My sister who I brought to All Sports with me when she was 16.
(No photo- We were both legal here. I think)

And today.. Looking good double fisting.

Throwback Thursday is coming back hard folks... You could be next week :)
No one is safe.


Wednesday Tweets

I want to start twittering.
This is why.
Sometimes I will have the most random thought.
and it will be funny
real funny
to me at least
I will literally LOL. (Is that an OK way to use the word literally?
Pretty much anything this guy says is law to me. And I don't even know him.
But he feels like this about it. It's kind of like the word epic. Not everything is epic)

Anyway I also like direct quotes. And Logan just looks at me funny when I say things like
"Were fiance's now Gary" in my southern twang.
But I know some of you would know just what I mean. and you would be like...
"Ohhhhh Amber.... Get it together".

So do you think I should do it?
Or do you think that is completely narcissistic???
tweet. tweet. tweet.
tweet. tweet.
Okay I'm done now.

And here is something fun I just made up...
Here are some quotes from some of my favorite people.
Maybe even you.
One of these is even Stink's.
I bet you can't guess which one.
Lets play. Comment if you dare.


"I wonder if there are any good funerals today"

"What did you stick a pencil in your ear?" (this one might be slightly off)

"You. Go that way."

"It smells like wet dirt out here"

"No Mom. You are disgusting"

"Hallelujah holler back"

"We have really been blessed with good weather lately... haha I just said blessed."

I think I'm keeping my Scentsy party open a bit longer too.
Your welcome.
Order here

Ughhhhhhhhhh If I had twitter I would have just tweeted
"I sleep clown"
Cam is the man.


What a morning

Remember that cute collage I made of me and my boys this morning??
I thought we were gearing up for a pretty smooth morning when I made that collage.
But usually when things are going too smooth a bump in the road is coming up.
Here is what that bump looked like today...
I brought Blakey to school and we got right into the routine

- jacket off
- folder out and in the bin
- kisses and goodbyes
- Blake goes to the carpet and plays
- I head out

Except for today I looked over at the carpet and Blakey Boys bottom lip was quivering. So I asked him what was wrong and he started to cry and tell me he didn't want to stay at school. So I got down on my knees hugged him and did what any good parent would do. I started to cry too.

In my head I was thinking pulllll it together Ash, this is surely not helping anyone or anything; especially your street cred... stop crying. stop. stop. But I couldn't stop so my friend Heather came over and tried to help the puddle that was taking over the colored carpet squares. But it didn't work. So she headed out...

I then decided it was really really time to go, school was starting, I was making a FOOL of myself and I was not helping Blake at all. So I pushed him away from me and made a dash to the door. And the he followed me crying "Mommmmyyyyy" and then his teacher followed him out. And when she asked me if anything had happened before school today, I whimpered "no, nothing" and sprinted out of the building....

I was so happy when 11:30 came today. Just to make sure he was okay. and he was just fine. My little Stink. So grateful for his awesome teachers for taking care of him today when I was not doing the best job of getting him settled.

 Love this guy <3
An open apology about how boring last nights post was.... Wow. My eyelids were getting heavy..... I am sure you were on the edge of your seat when you find out I use Suave shampoo and shop at Aldi.

Ohhh Ash....

Currently I am waiting for 845 so I can pack the big boy up and drive him to school. The same big boy who is laying on the couch, playing his Leapster with socks on his hands and bare feet.

Logan is still wearing a bib because he drools like a faucet was left on....

Have a GREAT day everyone!!


Cheap things I love

First everyone should go to my Scentsy page and order something. Travel tin, room spray a Scentsy bar or block (there are like 500000 scents to choose from), maybe a Scentsy buddy..... Go visit Diana and click RIGHT HERE. Just go take a look okay? okay!

I don't think it is a secret to anyone that I like a deal. In my dream world I would be able to buy whatever I want and not worry. I would never look at sale or clearance racks. I would buy things that I would maybe wear someday. I would own a MAC counter, yes the whole counter. Nothing in my kitchen cabinets (post on those coming soon) would be Great Value brand and my boys would wear all Baby Gap.

Ahhhhhhhhhh the good life....

Who needs it.

In real life we are supposed to have a budget. So I thought I would share some of the things/brands I love that are inexpensive and in my humble opinion work really well.

#1. Garanimals. When I was pregnant for Blake I visualized a baby dressed unbelievably well. Plaid button ups, wool sweaters, popped collars... pretty much a Baby Gap ad. But that is not real life. My kids like to play. I would say if anything I like to make sure they are comfortable. That is why most days I like to dress them in sweats and tees. I think Garanimals tees are better quality than Target or Old Navy (basically the only other stores I shop at for my kids).
I like Garanimals because they are good quality. They wash well, they keep their shape, they don't shrink. You can get a long sleeved shirt for $3.88. So if they do get ruined its really no big deal. Anddd I love that they sell them right at Wal-Mart. Here are my boys in some Garanimals...

#2. ELF. My favorite makeup brand by farrrrrrrrrrr is MAC. I feel like it is a miracle on my face, all of it. I don't have a MAC counter where I live so I improvise, and for some reason I improvise cheap. I love ELF. Everything is $1 or $3. My very favorite is the liquid eyeliner. In my opinion it is better than any other drug store liquid eyeliner. And you can change it out as much as you want because it costs $1. I have tried the makeup brushes, tinted moisturizers, lip glosses, highlighters and eye lash curler. They are all good. MAC good?? Probably not. But if I need makeup and I'm at Target, I pretty much only buy ELF.

#3. We also use all Suave products in the shower. I remember one of my favorite hair dressers telling me once that if you weren't going to buy salon products Suave was the next best thing. Maybe I am just making that up. Its a definite possibility. Here is why I love Suave products. I love that they are not for specific hair types. You just pick the scent you like. I know they have the salon versions but I don't like them as much. Here are my favorites lavender and lilac, mandarin mango, wild cherry blossom and aloe and waterlily. I do not enjoy the strawberry. We also use the body wash. I am using holiday pear right now. I love it. Perfect for the winter. I don't like their lotion I think its watery. Their deodorant doesn't work for me either but that's another story.

#4. Paperback swap... Online book trading. You put a few of your books up to trade, mail them out and then get credit for people to mail books to you. Its free to join. All the books I have gotten so far have been in really good shape. I did request a book about 5 months ago that I am still waiting for but I hear that is a rarity. You can find the site here.

#5. Great Value and Aldi brand almost everything. I have no shame. I used to have some brands that I would only use. But then I went to college and had no money and I guess my taste buds changed. I don't like all generic things but we try them. And if we like them good and if not then we go back to brand name. Plus I don't want my kids get all label whore on me.. they need to get used to Magic Stars and Honey Spins while they are young... I'm no dummy...

#6 Arm & Hammer laundry soap. When I lived with my parents all they used (and still use) was Tide. I tried different kinds and this is my favorite. They all work good but I like the Tropical Burst.

Other things I love are

#7 Target Clearance... Anywhere in the store... Its the best

#8 Old Navy Coupons... If there was a credit card to have I would say Old Navy is the one (Kohl's is good too, but we don't have one of those up here yet). You get lots of rewards and coupons and extra sales for having a card and you get basically free Old Navy cash just for using your card.

#9 Michael's craft store. I love that I get coupons sent right to my phone. Then I don't have to remember to print them out and bring them to the store. I highly recommend the Michael's app. Even after this incident.

#10 Dish Network. We have the welcome package. You don't get a ton of channels but you get HGTV for me, we get like 5 PBS channels for the boys and Cartoon Network for the boys and network channels for Michael. If you decide to check it out tell them we sent you ;). We have Netflix too. So that is about 600000 other shows and movies (including BeyBlade weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!).

OK I hope this post was helpful to at least one person. I am hoping my life gets a little more interesting soon. I need more to blog about.

Cheers for the Holidays!


Quick One

I asked Blake a question today and his response was "But Mom, that's impossible".  It was so cute. He has also taken a liking to the word "freaking". Not cool. His new favorite show is Beyblade. The show itself is pretty awful. But Blake walks around singing the theme song and telling me he is Jenga or Gingka... And saying "goooooo Pegsus" (Pegasus).

Logan's current interests are taste testing everything and anything (graham crackers, rocks, you name it), throwing fits because I wont give him juice boxes, watching Caillou (vomit), running around like a mad man, starting to say words. I tripped over something this morning and of course used an obscenity to express my frustration. I did not realize there was an echo until I heard Logan repeat me. And this probably wasn't the best thing to do but I said it again just to make sure I heard him right and sure enough... He repeated me again. Time to reallyreallyreally start watching my mouth.

I have been eating like food is going out of style. That needs to stop. I have a number that I like to see when I step on the scale and it is NOT the one I have been seeing for the past few months. I will be seeing that number by Christmas. Sure will.

I'm going to try and blog everyday this week. Lucky you.

Here are some randoms from the weekend:

Logan likes graham crackers

To Infinity and Beyond!!!!

Logan's "cheeessseeee" face

Dora the Explorer??? Yes I drew this...Art was not my strong suit

Hot chocolate in the AM. Logan dumped his 2.5 seconds after I took this

They are pretty cute right??

Lastly Pleaseeee Check out my Scentsy party RIGHT HERE.
I talked to my friend Heather....
She recommends:
Beach- also one of my personal faves
Pumpkin roll- Smells like a pumpkin pie baking in your house
Cucumber lime- Nice and refreshing

Party closes on the 18th :)


I got my flu shot today. My arm is a little sore.
The boys are getting their shots tomorrow. Well Blake is getting the nasal spray and Logan is getting his flu shot. I am sad because I know how much it is going to hurt him. And he will have no idea until it shoots him in the arm. I will have lollipops on standby... My poor boo boo butt.

I picked Blake up from school today and he had a screaming fit because I wouldn't let him sit in the middle. Then I met my friend Heather and her girls at Target tonight because we were going to get them a free book at the mall (Every Thursday kids get a free book at the mall up here). We were there about 15 minutes and Blake had already thrown himself on the ground 3 times. Our trip ended with me pushing Lo in his stroller, carrying Blake out screaming "STOP SQUISHING MY LEGGGGGG, STOP SQUISHING MY LEGGGGG". Not embarrassing at all. (FYI I wasn't even touching his leg). Because he calmed his little body down and in his words "took a nice break in his car seat" (and also because he is banned from all games on my phone for a week) and I had no food to cook I looked past the fit and brought my kids to Pizza Hut for dinner. Logan took this as an opportunity to step up his game and spend almost our entire dinner screaming, throwing things on the floor, reaching for glasses of water and eating crayons. It was fantastic.

Kids these days....

Anyway back to my Scentsy Partayyyyy ( is calling it a partayyy obnoxious??) I asked my hostess Diana what her favorite scents are... In no particular order...
My Wish
Love Story
Lucky in Love (Identical to Victoria's Secret Love Spell)
Black Ruby
Baked Apple Pie (told you its a good one:))

Okay so remember place an order and your in the running for a half price item. That's awesome.
I think Scentsy would make a great Christmas gift. Also check these out... These would be perfect for the bathroom.. I like this one the best

I guess this one is cute too... But it kind of reminds me of something.... Ahhh the rose

Now enjoy these pictures of my crazy crazies...

The face Logan makes when he says Cheeeeseee
That some days I don't care if my kids socks match
Blake loves dress up


I'm back.... with a partayyyyyy

So I have been away for a few days...
My computer had 10 viruses...
It felt like my 3rd child was in the hospital.
I was in the fetal position at night missing my sweet Toshiba.
You know things would happen and I would be like oh I have to blog about that... I cant forget to blog about that.... I bet people would like if I blogged about that...

Well I'm not blogging about any of those things.... I am blogging about my first ever Stink and Schmoop Partayyyyyy!!!!

I am having a blog party on here and it is all about Scentsy (and yes I am having it on my blog because I do not have enough friends up here to have a party at my house.Truth hurts lol)

Here is why I love Scentsy

1) I get sick of scents quick. A  block of Scentsy is cheaper than one say Yankee Candle and when I get sick of a scent I just pop it out of my burner and throw another scent in.

2) There burners are so cute. I have always been cheap in the past and have never bought one. Always using my $5.00 Wal-Mart tart burners instead.... But here is the thing. Logan is seriously climbing all over the counter tops. I came out of the bathroom the other day and he was literally sitting in my kitchen sink. Right underneath my Wal-Mart tart burner. It wasn't burning. Thank God.
The Scentsy burners plug in, have timers and they never get hot so they won't burn anyone. Not even the 1 1/2 year old in the kitchen sink. I feel like these would be good for pets too (especially cats right??)
*Side note: Logan will be taking all trips to the bathroom with me until further notice.

HOLD THE MOTHER BLEEPING PHONE.... No Suburgatory or Modern Family or Happy Endings tonight? CMA's???!!!!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm ready to cut someone. And that someone is lucky I just got my lap top back... And I'm excited about my Scentsy blog party....

3) Scentsy has so many good scents to pick. And for those of you who are all "I cant smell them I cant buy something I don't smell". First, take a risk... Its a candle, not plastic surgery. You know what smells you like there are tons of choices.. Pick a combo you think you would like and roll with it. Be adventurous. And if you aren't a fan, isn't Christmas right around the corner? Give it to someone for a gift. But I am pretty confidant you will love whatever you pick.

4) You place an order and it gets shipped within a few days right to your home.

Here are some of my favorites
- Beach... Smells just like being at the ocean.
If I get depressed in say February that we are up to our eyeballs in snow,
this will be my go to scent.
- Black Raspberry Vanilla.. Self explanatory, so good.
- Apple Pie.... Smells like I want to eat the bar with the
whipped cream that sprays out of a can on the top.

This time around I am getting winter scents. Because they are my fave. I love cinnamon's and vanilla's and pine trees. Yummy winter... They have a whole man scent page too... Just saying....

Soooooooooooooooo here is the best part.... You have a chance to get something for half off. Yippee!!!!! All you have to do is place an order. Get it??? You place an order and then you get put in the running for a half off item....

So go here and visit my hostess Diana's Facebook page.

Then scroll down and click on Ashley's blog party. Join my party. check out the catalog and place an order.

It will be open until the 18th.. Email me at aforgea@gmail.com if you have any questions!!

I hope you win a half price item!!!

By the way if your wondering what to get me for Christmas I am currently loving the Jane premium full size scentsy warmer... ;)

Oh... how did you get on here?? :)


(Insert CharlieSheen's voice) " "Pinn-Ing!!"

I have a Pinterest account.
Apparently so does everyone and their mother.
Because Pinterest is the shit  so awesome.
You can follow me on Pinterest here.
Anyway awhile ago I stumbled on this:

It is for DIY chalk board paint
I am not lying when I say I get numerous an email almost everyday saying that someone has repinned this.
The thing is I have no idea if it even works.
If anyone ever tries it let me know.
I mean where do you even get 2 tbsp's of unsanded tile grout anyway?
If it did work I think it would be pretty great considering that from what I hear chalkboard paint is pretty pricey.
I want a chalkboard wall somewhere.
Go try this now and then comment your results.



Not a good one

I'm exhausted today. You know when you have plans to get a lot of things done and you drink lots of coffee and you are ready to take on the world.... and then something happens, and you deflate? That was me today.

I brought the boys to Michael's today because I wanted some Thanksgiving decorations for my house (I am all about shopping early for the holidays but decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving... I just can't do it). The Fall decor is already 75% off at Michael's by the way, and I feel like I will def get my money's worth because it will all be up for at least a month. Anyway, this part of the story isn't important but I had to start somewhere....

For some reason Michael's was the most crowded it has ever been in the history of my visits there. We had to wait in line all the way in the fondant section... It was okay though because the boys were being good, the old lady in front of us was pretty funny and the line was moving fast.

So it was finally my turn and the lady calls me and my kids and my cart over to register 3. I start putting my stuff on the counter to be rung out when I hear a loud bang and then a ton of those hhuhhhh deep breaths. I turn around and both my babies are on the ground. I think Blake stepped on the side of the cart in just the right spot making it fall on top of him and leading Logan to smash his head hard on the floor. I think I heard it. It was awful. I cant even remember what I did. I remember grabbing Logan really quick out of the cart to see if he was bleeding or anything. I don't remember if someone helped me with Blake or what. I was on the floor in front of register 3 squatting on the floor with two screaming kids. I know a few women came over to help but in my head I am sitting on the floor with 2 screaming and crying boys and the whole store just stopped and was staring at me.

I pay super fast and walk quickly to a bench right by the exit to think for a second, re-group, check the boys again and just breathe.

I put the boys in their car seats and just sat in my car and cry. I guess I was crying because I felt like a bad mom. I know that there was nothing I could have done but when something like that happens you just feel like shit. And then you start thinking of how much worse it could have been. I don't know. I guess in my head I had kept it together the whole time it was happening and I couldn't anymore.Then I called Michael, told him what happened and cried some more. And he told me it wasn't my fault and I cried a little more.

I guess it was the best outcome to a horrible situation. No one was hurt. Thank God for that. I do know one thing though, this is one of those stories that will stay with me. I know I wont forget today. Ever....

Me and my guys <3



Conversation with my sister the other day:

Me: I think I need to make some more friends up here.
Laura: Then do it.
Me: But how
Laura:Just smile and be more social
Me: You don't think I'm social? I think its because I have this bitch face.
Laura: Yeah you do have a biotch face
Me: Ughhhhhhhhhh I know. Stupid face. Am I really not social?
Laura: I was just kidding.
Me: I don't think you were tho. Cause I feel like I do get weird sometimes. I was hoping nobody noticed lol
Me (again): Ughhhhh socially awkward with a bitch face.

So a few things were confirmed during this conversation. 1) I have a bitch face. I feel like even when I smile its a bitchy smile face. I'm not though. Here is the thing, I just get awkward sometimes and have no idea how to fix it. Sometimes I will see someone I know and will pretend I don't see them because I am scared that they won't remember me. This happens far more often then I would like to admit.

I also pretend I don't see people sometimes when I know the conversation will be awkward or I will be uncomfortable. And usually when this happens and someone does say hello, I end up saying something stupid. You know about the weather or any random thought that comes to my mind.
Like they will say:
"Hey how are you? How's it going"
and I will say:
"Thanks, you too. see you later".

Wait, what?

Embarrassment and humility ensues.
For example a while back I saw a woman at Target who I used to work with a few years ago. I pretended that I didn't see her because I didn't think she would remember me. But after I walked by I changed my mind and figured that she probably did know who I was... So stupid. I don't know why I get like this. I don't remember always being such a weirdo...

So anyway I am going to work on this. How am I going to make an effort to make new friends? I am going to say hello to people I recognize and if they don't recognize me, who cares. I would love for my current triangle of friends up here to turn into a circle. That would be fabuloussssssss....

If I could just get rid of this bitch face.

and speaking of awkward....

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A day with a sick Stink

First and foremost BOTH of my kids were sleeping at 7:30 tonight... I feel free. I actually feel like this should be playing on surround sound in my living room. It has just been one of those days.

It started with Blake throwing up mandarin oranges and a glass of orange juice all over the dining room table. I thought the vitamin C would be helpful but didn't think about all the acid.
 Bad call.
 Then Logan was doing something crazy like putting his hands in the toilet or climbing on the counter to break my computer so I picked him up and tried to move him when he slugged me in my cheek bone. All the makings to the start of a good day. We never even left the house...

Enjoy this picture of a sleeping Stinker. His nap today was literally 7 minutes long...


A convo with Stink

Blake was burning up tonight before I put him to bed (btw he is in his room, awake, still, doing God knows what). So I brought him in the bathroom and gave him some medicine. This is the conversation that ensued:

Me: lets give you some medicine and hopefully you will feel better in time for school tomorrow.

Blake: But Mom I have a play tomorrow

Me: I don't think you do buddy. Plus you are super warm. You gotta take this medicine.

Blake: I'm supposed to do a play with my friends, if I dont go to school they will come here at my window.

Me: Blake. that is a Caillou episode. Are you pretending to be Caillou?

Blake: No.

He totally was. He took a Caillou episode and applied it to real life. He does this a lot. Like when he was making compost (Curious George) in the bathroom. Or when he pretends to be Andy from Toy Story. Which reminds me as we were walking into Target today he told me that Little Andy from Toy Story doesnt have a Dad. I told him that I thought he did he just didn't make it into the movie.

But what should I have said? Maybe Andy's Dad died. Perhaps he was a dead beat who heard about Little Andy on the way and hit the road. Maybe Andy was adopted. Artificial insimination. I really dont know. Ahhhhhhh.... Where do you think his Dad is? What would you have said??

Potential for Toy Story 4 if you ask me. 



What November Means to Me
by Ashley Forgea Porter

1) Thanksgiving. I love shoving my face with anything I want in the name of Pilgrims and Indians (I know, I know, Native Americans and Pioneer People or something). My favorite food on Thanksgiving is cheese and broccoli rice. Isn't that random? We have always had it and my cousin Shana and I eat it like it going out of style. I like turkey too. Mostly the next day though. Cold on a sandwich with butter, cheese, salt and pepper... I would also eat this cupcake if it were available anytime between now and Thanksgiving.

2) Blake's first star day. It was today. And he did great. That kid was not going to let ANYONE forget that he was the star. I again learned today that Blake is one of the most social kids on the planet. He is friends with everyone. I love that about him. He brought in his Woody doll for show and tell because 10 minutes before we were supposed to leave his Stinky the Garbage Truck ran out of batteries. I was the Mom I thought I would never be videotaping while simultaneously snapping pictures with my camera. I'm sure the teacher was ready to slug me.

3) Christmas shopping. I love shopping for Christmas so much that I started in October this year. Usually I hit up Black Friday but because this year I am "paring down" and I already know pretty much what I am getting everyone I don't feel that it is necessary. Last year I went Black Friday shopping and both my kids had like 276476 presents each to open, and Logan was 8 months old. It looked like this:

And Logan looked like this:
Wahhhh I want my baby back baby back baby back.....

4) Crossing 2 things off my thirty before thirty list. One is a definite. Happening any day now. BTW I am failing miserably at reading two books a month. That's embarrassing. I feel like reading two books a month is nothing. I guess I am just not in the mood to read. I would rather watch hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube and stalk my favorite blogs (list coming soon)

5) Sweater Time!! One day in October it was like 75 degrees. And then last week at my Mom's there was snow. That is stupid. That is why I feel this year November will be the official start of Fall for me. I have been wearing my boots for a few weeks now. But I'm not going to lie if it was warm I would throw some flip flops on if I was in a hurry. Flip flops are retired for the season. Sweaters will be worn as much as possible. Here are some sweaters I would not mind wearing:

I thought I would be able to think of more November things.... ahhhh oh well....

Lastly, here are some pictures from last night

Like Blake says... "Halloween is closed til next year!"