Weekend and new furniture :)

Blogging has really been taking a backseat lately... I spent my weekend doing more laundry then I want to admit was dirty, cleaning our guest bedroom/room where Ashley gets ready, going through my closet, and redecorating our living room a little bit. A few weeks ago I posted pictures of my living room and I hated them. I hated all the little shit all over my walls. Michael said it was "getting a little to old lady in here". Anyway as I was ignoring his comments and really thinking about what I wanted my living room to look like I decided that the main focal point should be who else... StinkandSchmoopy.
Also here is our new furniture... Ahhhhhhhhh it is so comfortable I never want to get off of it (which is another post in itself)


(hot mess anyone??)


Side note: now is REALLY the time to go to Target for home goods. They change all the decor out this time of year and I was able to get these curtains for 75% off... or maybe it was 70%. I cant remember and I suck at math. They were originally $20 each (which I would never pay btw) and I got them for around $5.50 each.

Also we got a fish. Meet Optimus Prime (Blakey named him. Ask him to say it next time you see him... So funny)


A couple other things we did while I took my blog break...

We went to Albany to celebrate my Dad's birthday... The Giants were playing so Michael went to his friend Timmy's, watched the game and played Zombies all night.

We did this...

Blake played the guitar and we sang happy birthday.
Interesting rendition.
Joel enjoyed.

The visit consisted of a lot of GO BAHLUE's from Blake.
Pop also was not feeling the shirts.

Best part of the visit? My Mom made a pork roast and  Blake refused to eat any of it. So Laura was like "Blake put your corn in your potatoes like Aunt Laura, it tastes so good"
Blake slumps down in his chair and says "no it's not". Laura appearing to be quiet offended that Blake didn't want corn in her potatoes says "yes it does. it tastes good".... Blake staring into space,  not even looking at her looking says in the quietest voice........ "no it doesn't, it smells like.....throw up"

You really had to be there because typed its not even funny. But I assure you that I almost peed my pants. Sometimes when I am acting like I'm 12 with my sister it is hard to revert back to being a mom. I had zero appropriate response. I think I told him to get down and play and then he had birthday cake for dinner.


Besides the overnight birthday visit a few other things have occurred over the past few weeks.Blake insisted on wearing a tuxedo jacket to school one day. And while I was taking these pictures morphed into a really weird looking version of himself. As soon as the pictures were done he went back to being super cute and normal looking:

Please don't act like you have no idea what I am talking about. He looks weird.
Also, if you are thinking those Spider-man boots add the little extra oomph this outfit called for...
I couldn't agree more.

And Logan got a much needed hair cut....




What I was doing when I wasn't blogging.... part 1


I read.

You know how they say never judge a book by its cover? Well that is what I totally did with this book. I had heard people talking about how awesome The Hunger Games trilogy is but for the longest time I couldn't get past how boring the cover looks. Oh, a gold bird, I'm bored already.
I was so wrong. These books are so freaking good. I read all three in a week and a half. And it most definitely would have taken me less than half that time if I didn't have diapers to change and children to tend to.

I also know that this book is considered to be young adult. And all I can say to that is... Huh? How? I was at Barnes and Noble with the kids once and am pretty sure I saw what appeared to be a 9 year old reading this book. My first thought was "Shouldn't this kid be reading Cam Jansen?". And then it made me want to read the books even less.

But then I gave in, and let me tell you, I am so glad I did. I LOVE THESE BOOKS. I am not one to read books like these at all but they are so good. And there is going to be a Hunger Games movie in March. And that looks bananas. I CANNOT wait! I have watched the trailer like 20 times. That's not even an exaggeration. I will be standing in line at Wal-Mart waiting to check out and think to myself "Self, lets kill some time and watch The Hunger Games trailer again. and again. and again".
Go IMDB it now. You won't be sorry.

Actually I will do you one better. Here. Your welcome.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go google where I can find a mocking jay pin. stat.

More tomorrow.




I hate how lazy I get at night. I think the reason I write so much at night is because I don't have to get off my couch to do it. Unless my lap top runs out of charge and I am forced to get out from under my blanket and walk the 13 steps to the counter and get the cord. I am never happy when that happens.

Random time to put a picture of myself I enjoy up.
Shameless picture of me and Bunker

There are seriously so many things I should or could be doing right this second and this second and this second...... I could be vacuuming my living room, getting the laundry out of the dryer, taking a shower, painting my finger nails, plucking my chin hair,  the possibilities to what I could be doing are really endless.

I guess vacuuming can wait until tomorrow
when Logan wakes up.

The thing is by 8 o'clock I am done. When I go back to 6:30 this morning when we got up (btw this is also what I would consider to be sleeping in) I feel like today, and most days are just so busy... and a lot of times busy with random stuff not even worth mentioning (anyone wanna hear how I ran my dishwasher twice today? and how the second time it busted open on its own and shot water all over my kitchen... and in my eyeball? Didn't think so).

My newest upcoming project is to go through each room in this house and get rid of a ton of stuff. I cant deal with the shit we have everywhere. 3 piles: trash, keep, sell..... I'm probably going to make a bigger mess than we have now.

ttys.. I have bins to fill.

Home again

** I wrote this post last night but Blogger wouldn't let me upload pictures... And posts NEED pictures**

Getting back into the swing of things is hard.
We got back yesterday morning.
I let Michael know we were home by slamming the front of my car into the back of his.
Skidded on some driveway ice and smooth sailed it right into the back of the Malibu.
Ahhhh home sweet home.

Today Blake was back to school. He was the star on Thursday. He asks if he is the star EVERY day... Even weekends. He brought his guitar Thursday for show and tell and played three songs for the class. Two being theme songs to his favorite TV shows. I guess my "mom that only lets her kid watch 30 minutes of TV a day" cover was blown. Not that it was ever much of a cover.

I'm trying not to eat everything I see. Being at My mom and dad's is good but five days feels like vacation. And everyone knows what a vacation can do to a waist line. And I am in one of my best friends weddings in a few months. Weight gain = no good.

Everyone also knows what vacations can do to your schedule. And a 3 year old boys schedule? Forget about it. He took one nap for 30 minutes the whole time we were away. Both of my kids were up at least twice every night. Logan and I shared a bed every night. Needless to say being home is good for our schedules. Blake fell asleep at 6:30 last night. For the whole night. Logan was in bed at 7:00.
So good.

Bumble Bee....
Just say "he ha ha hi ha hi yah he he yah" to get an idea of what was going on

Hulk hands
"You won't like me when I'm angry"

home sweet home indeed.


Much needed girls night out

Here is something fun....
Go out for dinner and drinks with your friends (for 6 hours)
Bring your new giant camera..
Set said camera on the booth ledge and make sure everyone fits
Set the timer.. Hit the "take picture" button
Quicklyyyyyyyy climb under the dirty booth... ew.
Say "cheeeeeeeeeseeee"
and click!

Good and bad pictures of everyone... Even me (I swear I coated my face in bronzer before I left the house)
Love these nights!
And because Aura (admittedly) doesn't read my blog I will take the liberty of asking her here what she thinks of these pictures:

thanks girl!


Before and after... Our house

Michael brought Blake to the movies this afternoon.
Dad and Stink time. Which they will be getting even more of tomorrow when Michael accompanies Blake to his star day at school. 2.5 hours with twelve 3 and 4 year olds. Have fun Dad.
Anywho while they were gone and Lo was sleeping I decided I would Google our address. Up came all the pictures that were on the Internet when the previous owners had listed it.
God this house was awful.
Then I looked around at how different it looks now and at a very regular pace immediately got up and cleaned the whole thing the main floor.

Here are some of the before and afters.....

Which reminds me, when I told Michael I was gonna post this he said "finally you are going to write about me". Don't I write about him all the time????? Just checking.

OK here we go! These are just the rooms that there were pictures of when our house was listed. We have actually done way more than just these pictures. But this is a good start....

First up.... Kitchen.


hello hot mess. When I look at this picture I think a few things. double stoves are the shit. We did end up selling it when we got new appliances but it was good while it lasted. I also think I would like to punch someone when I see that dishwasher. When we saw the house we knew that the appliances were old and that we would get new eventually. What we didn't know was that that dishwasher was a mold hotel. It was beyond disgusting. Also important to note, if you see something sketchy at the final walk through (like a non working mold holder of a dishwasher) there is pretty much nothing you can do about it. Or maybe you can and our home inspector/realtor just didn't feel like helping us. Just like she promised she was going to bring us a carbon monoxide detector at our closing... a year and a half later I am still waiting for her...
Besides the dishwasher, my mother in law spent HOURS (like 8) cleaning all the kitchen cabinets and the walls because everything was so filthy.


And from the same angle as the before picture (pretend my window looks clean)

I love this kitchen now. We got new appliances, Michael ripped down cabinets over the peninsula, used a Rustoleum cabinet kit to refinish all the cabinets, the wainscoting around the peninsula and refinished my hutch. And we still have paint left over. We chose the Quilter's white on the light color kit. We originally bought 2 large box kits but ended up returning one. We are both really happy with the outcome.

Next up master bedroom


This bedroom was...err.... special. The ceiling was covered in those mats you bring to the beach with you. Like 20 of them. The walls were texturized and in an awful light green (and green is my favorite color) There were spider webs EVERYWHERE.


A few things to note. I don't know why my curtains look so weird in these pictures. They are usually much better looking. Second, our tray table end stands. We were going to get nice ones and I am sure one day we might but for now they hold our crap and we are happy. Our master is actually really small so the bed is on one wall and opposite is the TV on Michael's dresser and a closet. That's it.
Also check this out...

Everyone should do one of these for the wedding. We had this in lieu of  a guest book. People wrote well wishes and inappropriate messages that are now hanging on our bedroom wall. (I miss my wedding... ) Up closer you ask?

OK that was fun.... Now the living room.


The carpets throughout the entire house were pretty disgusting. If you look close in this picture you can see a giant pink stain in front of that curio cabinet. Both times we looked at this house I feel that that spot was strategically covered. I remember walking in to our new house on moving day and wanting to cry. It was so filthy.


Wanna hear something awesome??? We are I am picking out new living room furniture this weekend!!! Yippee!!! Any color ideas??? Anyone???

Oh hey Boo...See how filthy and stained that ottoman is?? Microfiber is bullshit. You cant clean anything out of it at all. Seriously, water stains it.

Last room. Master bath



much better....

Michael is so handy... Thanks big guy. You're the best.