A couple other things we did while I took my blog break...

We went to Albany to celebrate my Dad's birthday... The Giants were playing so Michael went to his friend Timmy's, watched the game and played Zombies all night.

We did this...

Blake played the guitar and we sang happy birthday.
Interesting rendition.
Joel enjoyed.

The visit consisted of a lot of GO BAHLUE's from Blake.
Pop also was not feeling the shirts.

Best part of the visit? My Mom made a pork roast and  Blake refused to eat any of it. So Laura was like "Blake put your corn in your potatoes like Aunt Laura, it tastes so good"
Blake slumps down in his chair and says "no it's not". Laura appearing to be quiet offended that Blake didn't want corn in her potatoes says "yes it does. it tastes good".... Blake staring into space,  not even looking at her looking says in the quietest voice........ "no it doesn't, it smells like.....throw up"

You really had to be there because typed its not even funny. But I assure you that I almost peed my pants. Sometimes when I am acting like I'm 12 with my sister it is hard to revert back to being a mom. I had zero appropriate response. I think I told him to get down and play and then he had birthday cake for dinner.


Besides the overnight birthday visit a few other things have occurred over the past few weeks.Blake insisted on wearing a tuxedo jacket to school one day. And while I was taking these pictures morphed into a really weird looking version of himself. As soon as the pictures were done he went back to being super cute and normal looking:

Please don't act like you have no idea what I am talking about. He looks weird.
Also, if you are thinking those Spider-man boots add the little extra oomph this outfit called for...
I couldn't agree more.

And Logan got a much needed hair cut....




  1. OMG- I was seriously loling at this whole post even though I already knew all of those stories. Haha.. The first picture of Blake in that jacket is so creepy haaha

  2. hahaha, too funny! :)

    your boys are so freaking cute! make me want to pop out some little cuties, hehe.

    p.s. it is amazing to be able to "follow" you after college. to see how life has been to the cutest thing ever. so happy to see how awesome it has been :)