Dear January.....


Anyone else feel like Logan is looking through them?
Oh January, we did not start on the right foot. Half the night sharing a twin size with a 3 year old and the other half sharing my side of our queen with a one year old. A one year old who apparently doesn't like sharing when he is awake or sleeping. I was hopeful to wake up and feel rejuvenation. Signs that 2012 was going to be fabulous. Instead the new year came in the form of a crying baby who really hasn't stopped since he woke up this morning, only content when his head is on my shoulder. Even as I type this. That part is actually okay. Everything else, No bueno.

This face? Muy bueno.
Good things did happen today though. I ate my first whole bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. In my life, that's 28 years. It was disgusting, but I did it. I don't even know how one is supposed to eat oatmeal. I asked Michael today if I was supposed to chew it. I seriously felt like my throat was closing when I was nearing the end. Like my insides was rejecting the banana bread Weight Smart oats and milk. But because it is so good for me I will eat it for breakfast again tomorrow. I just keep reminding myself how much I disliked coffee before I had my boys. And now I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to go on without it.

Besides the oatmeal, I got to go shopping alone. Just for groceries but it still counts. Listening to XM as loud as my car would allow because the only ear drums I had to worry about were mine. I went to Target and walked through all the 70% off Christmas stuff and bought nothing, I actually walked through the entire store and bought nothing. Which may be a first. I take this as a sure sign that we are going to get out of debt this year.

I came home today and told Blakey I loved him.
His reply? "I love Daddy".
I burned a new Scentsy to start the year off right (My Wish) and I listened to the last 25 of the Hot 97 countdown of the 97 best songs of the year. My deep love of hip hop was renewed while listening to the likes of Drake, Miguel, J. Cole and Kanye.

During #6 Marvin's Room
Personally would have been my #1

January, I hope we get things accomplished. I was nervous about your arrival (as I am at the end of every December). Wondering what 2012 would bring my family and I, hoping for safety, health and happiness. After all, you are the start of new and fresh and chance.

I am ready.


  1. I always loved listening to the countdown when I was a teenager,I think I should start listening to it now that you mention it:)

  2. I didn't eat oatmeal until I was 22! I finally figured it out, I like em not flavored to begin with, the old fashioned kind (not instant) because of the texture, and I like toppings! PB&J oats is one of my favorites. I got the throat closing feeling a lot in the beginning too. Push through it, you might end up liking it!

    Visiting from MM :)

  3. No no...you have to do the flavored oatmeal. Try the strawberries and cream or peaches and cream. I eat two packs of oatmeal every morning. Boil the water then pour it in. Don't microwave it. And eat smaller bites to help with the throat-closing issue.