I hate how lazy I get at night. I think the reason I write so much at night is because I don't have to get off my couch to do it. Unless my lap top runs out of charge and I am forced to get out from under my blanket and walk the 13 steps to the counter and get the cord. I am never happy when that happens.

Random time to put a picture of myself I enjoy up.
Shameless picture of me and Bunker

There are seriously so many things I should or could be doing right this second and this second and this second...... I could be vacuuming my living room, getting the laundry out of the dryer, taking a shower, painting my finger nails, plucking my chin hair,  the possibilities to what I could be doing are really endless.

I guess vacuuming can wait until tomorrow
when Logan wakes up.

The thing is by 8 o'clock I am done. When I go back to 6:30 this morning when we got up (btw this is also what I would consider to be sleeping in) I feel like today, and most days are just so busy... and a lot of times busy with random stuff not even worth mentioning (anyone wanna hear how I ran my dishwasher twice today? and how the second time it busted open on its own and shot water all over my kitchen... and in my eyeball? Didn't think so).

My newest upcoming project is to go through each room in this house and get rid of a ton of stuff. I cant deal with the shit we have everywhere. 3 piles: trash, keep, sell..... I'm probably going to make a bigger mess than we have now.

ttys.. I have bins to fill.

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  1. i think i would be feeling that way too if i had so much to do. i only feel overwhelmed/lazy on the weekends because i know i have to get everything done, haha.

    and completely random ... we have the same teapot :)