Much needed girls night out

Here is something fun....
Go out for dinner and drinks with your friends (for 6 hours)
Bring your new giant camera..
Set said camera on the booth ledge and make sure everyone fits
Set the timer.. Hit the "take picture" button
Quicklyyyyyyyy climb under the dirty booth... ew.
Say "cheeeeeeeeeseeee"
and click!

Good and bad pictures of everyone... Even me (I swear I coated my face in bronzer before I left the house)
Love these nights!
And because Aura (admittedly) doesn't read my blog I will take the liberty of asking her here what she thinks of these pictures:

thanks girl!


  1. Not one of those came out 'good'. But I think they all came out perfect!

  2. hahaha too funny! this makes me miss my girlfriends!