Nothing to write about.... already?!

January 2nd and nothing to write about??

I know Stink I can't believe it either....

Actually I do have things to write about I am just exhausted. I stayed up until midnight last night. Why? Who knows. I guess you could say I was watching the Giants game. The truth though is I was Facebook chatting a bunch of friends and my sister. About God knows what.
Then Logan was up and ready to go early. Early. like 5:45......

I had a plan. I was going to write about this article I read that I am pretty sure will be life changing for me. It's actually an entire blog dedicated to tips on better living. Tips that I plan to utilize daily.

Not gonna lie... Life is pretty good

But now it is 10 PM and I can hear my bed calling me. "Ashhhhh we didn't see each other enough last night, come hither". 

I'm on my way...

A good nights sleep is going to pay off though. Tomorrow Blake goes back to school, I am continuing on with dedicating more time to my job, dealing with a laundry situation, hanging out with my leech baby Logan.

He's cute so it's usually okay...usually...



  1. your babies are sooo cute! my goodness! hope you got the sleep you needed :)