Tuesday in pictures

No post tonight. I have tried like 4 or 5 times and its all blah. Serious blah blah blah.
I don't want to write crap.
But I have taken some pictures.
Enjoy :)

B&W edition

 Stink.. Chocolate face.. Mouth full of Reddi Whip

Do you see those lips... I die. 

 Sometimes a mom needs to put on a movie and hope it catches their attention.
Sometimes she needs a whole marathon.

 Little fannies.. Little feet

 Well hello Beethoven, I like your outfit

 I don't think a caption is necessary for this..

 Remember in Beaches when Hillary realizes she and her daughter have the same hands?
Something about myself that I have always hated. My hands.
We have the same hands. Our hands. I love them now. Crooked pinkies and all.

We made sandwiches together today after school... 
And then made Michael take 500 pictures of us eating them

Cracker cheers!!!! 

 He made me sit right next to him while we ate.
"Put your chair righhhhtt here Mom"

 Not gonna lie, when he came around the corner wearing that book bag I almost hyperventilated.
In no way am I ready for him to be a big boy.. If  time could slow down just a little...  

oh that will do... my baby <3


  1. delightful! I have the same chunky splotchy hands as my mom and I love them. I also have the thighs of my maternal line. They're like tree trunks but they're ours and I came by them through a long line of amazing women.

    Those are some lovely crooked pinkies!

  2. pictures are always good when you dont want to write up a post :)

  3. Great pictures! I often feel like I have no words, but picture say it all! Have a great day.

  4. OK totally random and SO not the point of this post BUT my parents had that dining set up until the gave it to my sister, who still uses it =) gotta love quality furniture!