Being away

There are two things I know for sure.

1. Every mom needs a night off now and then
2. Your night off will consist of a lot of missing your kids.

Tuesday afternoon I emptied my car of baby seats and strollers, kissed my babies, plugged in my IPhone and headed to Albany for my night off.

And what a night off it was.

Let me set the stage. My freedom started the moment I pulled out of the driveway. I set my cruise control, turned my volume to 45 and sang like I was being videotaped for VH1's Motormouth.
By the time I got to my parents house I was so pumped I thought I would go for a run (kind of ridiculous I know). I searched for ear buds for about 20 minutes before my running idea morphed into a laying on my sisters bed looking at Facebook until my Dad came home and we talked about kitchen renovations idea.

My sister and I had dinner together. Grown up dinner with real conversation, glasses of wine and no high chairs. Dinner was followed by an "Ashley needs a new handbag" excursion and a trip to Sephora. Two words, Naked Palette. I don't think my eyes will ever be the same.

After that my mom and I stayed up watching The Biggest Loser and bull schmitting until it was time to hit the sack.

I slept through the night. No getting up for bottles or spooning with a 3 year old at 4:00 in the morning.

perfectenschlog (you watched The Office tonight right?)


Flip side of my night away:

Laying on my sister's bed started with looking at Facebook and ended with me watching videos of Logan dancing to his reflection in the stove and Blake singing "play the guitar with Murray"

In the middle of dinner I attempted to face time good night kisses.

I had to restrain myself from heading up to The Children's Place when I was on my new hand bag hunt.

My favorite thing to bull schmit about is being a mom.

I never mind a 4AM spoon session.


Taking my mom hat off for the night and focusing solely on myself was so nice. To just be Ashley. 

Coming home and having 2 little guys waiting at the gate when I opened the front door was also just what I needed. Because being just Ashley for a night was great. But I like being Momma better.



  1. How fun! I love getting "me time" but im always ready to get back to my boys!

  2. How fun! I love getting "me time" but im always ready to get back to my boys!

  3. so sweet. seriously got goosepimples from your last line.

    glad you were able to enjoy yourself being Ashley ... but even happier that you saw that being a mom was even better. that makes me realize that maybe one day being a mom isn't going to be so scary. in fact, i might enjoy it :)

    hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    p.s. and next time you are in the neck of my woods ... let a girl know ;)

  4. So glad that you had a night for "Ashley" - and I love how much you love being a mom...speaking of which, I know yours had a great time bull-schmitting with you! <3

  5. Your such an awesome mom!!!