Dear February

I am late. This is an on going theme lately. I decided that I was going to write a post on the first of each month with all the things I planned to get done and accomplish. I am doing fantastic at accomplishing not a god damn thing. (Side bar: Blake just face planted off the couch and I'm trying not laugh at him. He's not hurt, stop judging my insensitivity... He just told me the only thing that will make him feel better is a sip of soda. He's better).

Blakey and I.... Random picture
Taken with the 1 megapixel camera on my computer

Anyway, with the beginning of the month (we are only 4 days in after all) Here are a few randoms...
New years resolutions are down the mother trucking tubes. I don't know why I thought January 1st was going to bring me this overwhelming amount of energy to really get things done, get healthy, be an overall better person. It's just like on your birthday when you go to bed and the next day you are a year older. Then people say "do you feel older?" First of all from this point on no one needs to be asking anyone that question. Its rude. It's the equivalent of asking someone if they feel closer to death.... (insert game show host voice here ->"Soooo another year down huh?? Hear that Grim Reaper knocking or what?" People are stupid sometimes. Just say happy birthday and move on.... Wow. That was an unexpected tangent I did not expect to go on...Anyway I'm done with New Years resolutions. I should have just picked a word to focus on like every other blog I read... Oh well now I know for 2013.

I am not really a lover of cooking. Like at all. I tried. You have seen my posts. I mean sometimes I don't mind cooking but for the most part I would much rather eat out or English muffins with peanut butter or vanilla cake. But my boys need to eat good so I am just going to use my crock pot more. You just throw a bunch of shit in, turn it on and 6 hours later you are good to eat. For example, today: boneless pork chops, onion slices, can of cream of mushroom and pepper and in about one hour my kids will have a good dinner. I have also decided that I am done with things like rice makers. Because there is another thing called instant rice and instant rice is easy and it doesn't spew rice water all over my kitchen like our rice cooker does. And we will have broccoli. Frozen broccoli that I will heat up in the microwave. Thank you inventor of frozen vegetables.

I am also awful at exercising. You see I saw this this picture of a calender for the month of February and I was like "OMG. That will take no time and I will look like Giselle by February 29th!!!"
First of all, no I won't. Second, Michael doesn't even think she is that hot. So suck it Giselle, your husband wears Ugg boots. Third, you actually have to do the exercises to see results. Oh Ash. That being said, it is the 4th and I have exercised twice this month already. Only for a half hour each day but it still counts. I am going to TRY to make myself exercise a few times a week even if it is only for a half hour because that will still be more than I have exercised in about nine years. I will conquer that calender!!!! (Side note who the hell invented a plank exercise?? Someone who hates all people I am sure).

Said calendar. Notice I am trying to make it cooler with the instagram app?? fail.

Other things I am awful at? keeping to a blog schedule, doing laundry everyday, working 10 hours a week like I promised myself I would, reading since the Hunger Games, finding the motivation to mop with my Wet Jet, cleaning my car....

Things I am good at? Making lists, shopping at Target, keeping to my prime time TV schedule, texting, tub time, drinking coffee, my 2:30 PM 15 minute siesta with Blake and Logan .... I'm sure there are more, I am just naturally better at admitting all the things I am not good at. Which I am now realizing is this entire post.

Also really good at having the cutest kids...

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