"I am not scared of having people see me grow"
Wiz Khalifa

Odd way to start a post.

I have been thinking for the past few weeks that I might make my blog private or delete it altogether. It's not that I don't like to blog because I do, I actually love it. It's a good outlet for me, someone who spends her days tending to two little guys. It's a space for me to write about anything I want. And for awhile I did. I wrote about things the boys did, how we spend our days up here, the house, what I cook... And then all of a sudden a month or so ago I got really self conscience about what I was writing, who was reading it, what people thought of me, if I was sharing to much...

I got stressed out.

I still wrote posts I just didn't publish them. I would write them and then read them the next day, hate them and delete them. They might not have even been that bad but I guess I just didn't feel like they were good enough to share. The ones that I have written I haven't shared on Facebook.

Today I was driving to Target listening to an interview when I heard the quote above. He wasn't trying to be profound or deep. He was just basically stating a fact. And this is gonna sound random but when I pulled into the parking lot I wrote it down.

Because being a stay at home mom is a growing experience, but not always the kind of growth I feel like I need. And that is why I do need this blog. And from now on I am going to really write about whatever I want. Of course, still the boys and Michael but more of my other stuff too. And if inevitably that means that people don't read it that's okay. Because I feel like I have more to share then what I have been and because I am not going to be scared of having people see me grow.


  1. :)

    looking forward to reading.

  2. and i have felt that way before. but i snapped out of it. the blog is for you and not for anyone else. at the end of the day, i feel that 10 years down the line i want to know who i was and what i was thinking. i want to see how i changed, how i grew and there is no way i would see that if i didn't put down what i was thinking/feeling.

  3. LOVE your blog Ash - so glad that you'e not going to quit it, I'd really miss you!